Alone in the Dark previewed by Eurogamer

Here's a situation with which everyone who plays videogames will be familiar: you're playing as a heavily armed character, who has shot, punched, smashed and looted his way through wave after wave of monsters, zombies, henchmen or aliens - only to be foiled, despite your bulging muscles and impressive arsenal, by a plywood door. Kick it in? Shoot it? Blow it up? Nonsense - it's time to go and look for the four pieces of the sacred medallion that'll make it open!

The first defining moment of Eurogamer's early glimpse of Atari's upcoming resurrection of Alone In The Dark came when they ran into a dead-end and a locked wooden door. They waited patiently for the game's lovely next-gen graphics and great presentation to be let down by the inevitable locked-door puzzle.

Not this time.

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