Exclusive Oblivion quest for PS3

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PlayStation 3 - recently revealed as a surprise launch title for Sony's next-gen console - will feature a huge, exclusive quest that revolves around new faction The Knights of the Nine.

The Cyrodiil-spanning adventure will offer an extra 10-20 hours of gameplay, with your reward being a collection of super-powerful items.

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USMChardcharger6433d ago

they should expand it for the PS3. it has been out for awhile so no reason why not...good for you PS3 guys.

just shows that the oblivion developers go above and beyond instead of the easy route.

that's good for every gamer.

andy capps6433d ago

Yeah it is almost making me consider buying the game at launch, if only they would mention that they did away with the horrible loading between areas I would be even happier. The reason I am hesitant about getting this game is that it's so long, I mean 200+ hours for a game is too much for me. Some people like that, but me, I get bored after a while and I like to feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. That's one reason why I can't get into MMO's or RPG's. The closest I get is God of War, and that's not a real RPG.

USMChardcharger6433d ago

i hit agree with ya because i can get bored too. but i find that after it has lost it's appeal...one day you can pick it up for more fun.

the game is like its own sequel to that effect.

i recommend that you do buy it. i have enjoyed playing it on my 360 a whole lot...i can easily say i got my moneys worth.

o by the way, no horriable load time for me. once the game loads for the first time...it takes anywhere from 3 to 7 seconds for loading.

shouldn't be any different on your PS3.

Bebedora6433d ago

That with horrible loading times, is helped with pushing a button while loading. This is from a XB360 pal of mine. He called XB support and was told to do this....just FYI. Now THAT is worth bashing the QA guys at MS for.

unleash bass6433d ago

I would like to bet that this exclusive quest will be made on the 360 as an additional download on the XBLIVE market place, eventually, maybe after it's PS3 release.

USMChardcharger6433d ago (Edited 6433d ago )

they could easily do it...and i bet you are right.
they have given so much additional stuff it's crazy.
i like that games on the 360 keep on living long past it's release dates with additonal content.

bizzy126433d ago

thats cool the game been out for a while and to make it sell add new quest to it.but if it dont sell on the ps3 like xbox look for this be the only title they produce on your console.

andy capps6433d ago

That's just not going to happen, RPG's the Playstation brand's bread and butter. It will sell like crazy.

USMChardcharger6433d ago

if they made a new toaster that dubs as a new game console this game would sell like hot cakes. it just a good game.

btw, the toaster console has heating problems.

USMChardcharger6433d ago (Edited 6433d ago )

what is there to disagree with my statement?

must be that a toaster could dub as a game console...did someone not realize that was a joke.

because the games sell like hot cakes and it is good. so...

zypher6433d ago

i wasn't that impressed with the 360 version, mainly because of the first-person fighting system (i thought it was kinda repetitive and lacking). but who knows? additional content (especially 10 to 20 hours worth) is always a good incentive to re-purchase a game...i guess.

joemutt6433d ago

I didnt like the first person view either, so I clicked the thumbstick to change it to 3rd.

You did know that didnt you??

zypher6433d ago (Edited 6433d ago )

yeah, i tried the third-person view. but the animation was horrible. dude looked like some puppet on a string, gliding around on the field like he was trying to moonwalk or something. the game had a deep and engaging story, nice dialog, and a wide-variety of customization; but with me, rpgs have to excel at everything (gameplay, character development and story) to hold my interest. as it was, Obilvion excelled at everything but the fighting/gameplay aspect. many people hype Oblivion as the 360's crown and jewel hitherto, but i beg to differ. i'm not trying to dog Oblivion, but i think GRAW was far more an enjoyable experience on the 360. just imo.

Schmitty076433d ago

If you are buying a PS3 at launch or down the road, and haven't played Oblivion yet, it is a must buy. Such an amazing game, best experience on the 360 so far, and one of my top 5 favorite games.

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