TGR: Mirror's Edge Preview

Battlefield:Bad Company wasn't the only game TGR saw at the EA DICE event at GDC. Check out the preview as well as all new screenshots.

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predator3884d ago

this game looks real interesting.

Erasmus3884d ago

Looks pretty cool, and I love the visual style. Hopefully it all comes together.

cain1413884d ago

EA could use a good hit, hopefully this works out for them. (Mainly for our sake, but still lol)

Relin3884d ago

... is gonna be the key factor in this game's success. If the combat sucks, the game will be too repetitive. If it's too difficult, people will spend too much time running and the platforming will become repetitive. They need to show some more of the combat mechanics, otherwise I'm not sold on this one yet.

It's a great premise, so I wish DICE the best on this one.

Nick27283884d ago

The city looks really good from the screenshots, and the idea of being able to leap around a such a beautifully crafted city, is a fascinating idea but I have to agree that I'm holding my vote till more happens but seeing those spanning vistas of the game gives me hope all the same.