Ubisoft is “satisfied” with the Wii U launch so far

By Ashley King

Ubisoft had their quarterly investors call last week, during which CEO Yves Guillemot had some interesting things to say about the Wii U. He mentioned that the company is currently satisfied with the launch of the Wii U and happy with the market share the company holds in both North America and Europe. He does mention that low tie-in ratios” for software has impacted sales.

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basically what they saying wii u owners dont buy wii u games.

Gr812077d ago

How you interpreted that? How old are you?

LOL_WUT2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Doesn't matter how old he is Rayman Legends being delayed is proof of that.

Anyway, kudos to Ubisoft for not giving up on the platform ;)

dark-hollow2077d ago


Rayman origins bombed so hard even though it was on about 5 platforms. So I think making it sequel an exclusive to a new console that still building it fanbase is not a wise idea.

lilbroRx2077d ago

Is has around a 4 game per console attach rate so far the last time I checked. How did you come to that conclusion?

stragomccloud2077d ago

I picked up 4. 5 if you include Nintendo Land.

Knushwood Butt2077d ago

Which, without any kind of breakdown from Nintendo, doesn't actually add up to any real world sales figures.

Starfox172077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

What their saying is please buy Watch dogs wiiu and Rainbow6 WiiU we promise we wont delay them......?

Also i think MiiVerse really gives feedbk to developers and publishers ect if you make a good game then MiiVerse community will show there thanks,obviously if u delay a game they will make themselves heard and when MiiVerse is on PC/Mobile and 3ds ect this community will be the hot place to get the low down on any game very impressed with what MiiVerse does and it will prove a powerful tool for deep games like MHUltimate and X ect.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2077d ago

The developers have recently protested Ubisoft’s decision, though Ubisoft has not released a statement on this.

Explain yourself, Ubi' illin! Even your developers think so.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2077d ago

Don't think Ubisoft is "Soft"
It's a great company.

but I did agree with you for the comedy aspect (I am sure you meant it as a joke, nothing more) .

ElectricKaibutsu2077d ago


Yeah, I was just joking ^_^

Godmars2902077d ago

Actually, besides greed, I don't get why they're releasing the game on all platforms at the same time. They could have just as well put it out on the WiiU first then the other systems a few months later. Its not like the game is system seller or that the wait would really sell fewer copies of the game.

showtimefolks2077d ago

well they can charge full $60 to 3 console bases at one or charge $60 to wii-u owners than re-release it again for ps3,xbox at $39.99.

it has nothing to do with greed but some of nintendo fanboys feel like its their god given right to get exclusive games, get use to this treatment.

3rd party exclusives are a thing of the past. its UNI's IP and if they feel releasing it on other systems makes more sense than more power to them

also don't bite the hand that feeds you, UBI is only a handful of publishers who actually support nintendo systems, they did excellent job with wii and now have been very hands on with wii-u

one delayed game shouldn't erase all the good they have done.

Godmars2902077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

May as well be complaining about Bayonetta 2's exclusivity when Nintendo were the only ones looking to publish it.

As for Rayman, I'm not really seeing why a few months should be a $20 difference, or why it shouldn't be $40 across all systems in the first place.

I'm saying that the $60 cap on "full" games this gen was a general mistake. The price range should have been $40-$60.

showtimefolks2077d ago


now i agree with you on that, look at sony releasing brand new sly 4 for $39.99 with cross buy feature. and that's with a lengthy single player story of 15 plus hrs.

i believe going forward that not every game should start at full $60, if a game offers less content than it should be $39.99 that way people who wait for a price drop are more tempted to get it at launch.

bayonetta is a puzzling game in this sense that it sold well and sega didn't want to do a sequel, no wonder why sega has been going down hill. here you got a game that did 2 plus million but for some reason that wasn't enough


I still believe bayonetta will come to ps3,xbox360 a year after, sega is not so stupid to give up all the rights. But by than whoever wants to play bayonetta would be done so.

3rd party exclusives are a thing of the past

Godmars2902077d ago

And when/if Bayonetta 2 goes to the Xbox/PS3 its going to have a bit more extra content and be $60, same as the WiiU version.

nukeitall2077d ago


"Its not like the game is system seller or that the wait would really sell fewer copies of the game."

The wait would do several things for them:

a) move the game into the holiday season again where there are more customers likely to by games for their kids

b) higher Wii U unit sold to consumers

c) release simultaneously will allow them to charge full price on all platforms (as opposed to lower price months later like so often happens to these games)

That is a win-win really for the publisher, but the developers don't see it. Which illustrates why you need business people running the finances, strategy, marketing and so on, and not game developers who seemingly know nothing.

MikeMyers2077d ago

Of course Ubisoft is 'satisfied'. They have invested heavily into the hardware, more so than most if not all 3rd party publishers. They don't want to admit it's not selling well already.

wiiulee2077d ago

why wouldnt they be , considering all lies and hate articles and some misteps by nintendo the wiiu is doing good

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