IGN review of SEGA Bass Fishing

IGN writes:
"Bass Fishing isn't the "killer ap." of fishing games on Wii, but it's best option thus far. Still, after enjoying the series for the last decade in arcades and on SEGA's deceased console, we couldn't help but think of what a wasted opportunity the Wii version of Bass Fishing was. Instead of going all-out with a huge list of new modes, a graphical overhaul, and on/offline multiplayer the company went for a quick buck, and took the easy way out. SEGA Bass Fishing is a fun game, but it could have been so much more."

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BrotherNick4192d ago

I guess it's back to twilight princess for me. :P

Monteblanco4191d ago

You may have a point. Fishing in Zelda TP was quite well done.