Survey: RPG Tops Gaming Experience, So Long As There's No Flicker

United Kingdom, February 29, 2008 -- According to a new Polaroid research, almost half of gamers (49%) rate a flickering or juddering image as the easiest way to ruin their gaming experience. Slow refresh rates (one in five of those questioned) and a distorted picture (19%) are also major sources of irritation for gamers.

The survey also asked UK gamers to reveal their favourite gaming genre. Surprisingly, Role Playing Games (RPG) came out on top (35%), ahead of shoot 'em ups (just under a quarter of those surveyed) and driving games (23%).

Finally, the research also asked gamers to identify the most important technological advances in TV. But, it was not high definition (HD), as many may have thought; instead, the flat screen design came out top (34%). Less than a third of people felt it was HD (30%).

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