Go!Messenger is alive

The Free software is already available on PlayStation Portable. Call us please.

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TheMART4192d ago

Yes it is indeed. Downloaded the software already, but BT registration is down, they have sh!tty servers probably... Maybe later today more succes

Meus Renaissance4192d ago

Do you urinate on your PSP?


TheMART4192d ago

Nah I just scratched the Sony logo off the device! :P

TheMART4191d ago

And I just read the extras on the bottom of the page for registration:

"** BT & Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reserve the right to charge for this service in the future."

So there you go. Probably they first make us use it till we can't go without anymore and them bam charge per call. Thanks Sony for choosing BT to get this stuff running. Why didn't you build your own MSN?

DarkSniper4191d ago

Dark Sniper's simple solution would be to trade in your Playstation® Portable. Since you seem to be dissatisfied with the service, it would be of best interest if you parted ways with your PSP. Sony does not need incompetance affiliated with the Playstation community as it's nearly blasphemy for you to own a Sony product.

A resolution to your issue would be to wait until Microsoft releases a portable XBOX handheld. You can get your hopes up as soon as you wish.

The clock ticks now.


TheMART4191d ago

So Darkbrown Diaper, you think its fine that Sony will charge you in the future for something that is said to be free and

Second: a service that is Skype doing for free (Voice/Video chat), although the Skype PSP only has audio/voice (maybe on purpose so you're forced to pay for GO!Messenger video chat in the future?)

You like being screwed over by Sony dude? Like with PSN on the PS3 also. Home free? Nah. You'll pay with your credit card for the TV on the wall a hottub and a nice bed, the only thing you'll get for free is basic so your house looks like a poor mans sh!thole. Sony will make you pay in the end, that's the final conclusion

Vip3r4191d ago

So paying sony for a service is unspeakable but paying £40 a year for live is ok?

DarkSniper4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Dark Sniper doesnt like being screwed over by any company. Which is why he supports Sony over the Microsoft Corporation each and every day of the week and for the rest of PLAYSTATION® 3's existence and onto Playstation 4.

You speak of Sony charging for it's currently free services. The Playstation Network and Home was, is and always will be free of charge to use. Your assessment of this is based on pure speculation as you have no hard evidence to state your claim of Sony issuing their services at a charge. This is based on hearsay and probable misunderstanding of past public relations comments.

Actually Dark Sniper has done his research and based on the conclusive evidence. A great percentage of what TheMART at XBOXKings has to say has come from pure speculation from his own mind. What is typed from his keyboard represents the visualization of the perfect world which revolves Microsoft as the holy grail of console gaming. The comments made by TheMART have strayed away from reality so much that he is considered the biggest joke N4G has ever had.

You dont have to believe Dark Sniper's own assessments, read this past comment made from The MART several months back and judge for yourself. This specific response is from The Halo 3 mock trailer that was released several months ago.
[quote]DAMN it really is all in-game within the engine...

This is what Halo 3 indeed playable is going to be. That's mind-blowing. So the list of games to get is getting longer for sure[quote]

Clearly, when The MART powers on his XBOX 360 with Halo 3, those are the graphics that presents only on his TV screen at a mind blowing full 1080p visuals. Only his television unit shows this grand scale of Halo 3, while the other Microslaves in reality are playing in the piss poor 640p. 640p being below the sweet spot that Peter Moore claimed for the supposed HD capable XBOX 360.

Wake up TheMART at XBOXkings, the sun is shining in your face and the future looks bleek for your platform. The truth that you have spoke upon has been revealed as lies and figments of your own imagination.

Your only hope now is PLAYSTATION® 3. Play B3yond.


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whoelse4191d ago

I cant register either. But at least im patient.

Cooper7974166d ago

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multi console user
Work In the Industry
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