Sony confirm no price cut for PSP

Even though the Nintendo DS has been outselling the Sony PSP all year, it would appear that Sony doesn't care too much, since John Koller, a product manager at Sony, has stated: "We don't necessarily see the need to cut the price [of the PSP]. We need to offer broader value and introduce new consumers to what the PSP can do".

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Logan6489d ago (Edited 6489d ago )

The psp is freaking amazing, the capabilities on what it can do are far more superior then any other handheld system out there.

Shadow Flare6489d ago

and theres alot of great hardware for the psp coming. Great games games also coming along with the psone emulator. This shouldn't need a price cut anytime soon, its got alot of fight left in it

PS360WII6487d ago

seeing that it's been out for almost 2 years it's almost ready to bust out them must have games on it... or maybe they won't drop the price because they can't afford to sell it any cheaper.


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion And Remnant II Are Joining PlayStation Plus - Report

No More Heroes 3 and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are reportedly being added as well.

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10 Best PSP RPGs Of All Time

One of the strongest genres that the PSP had to offer would have to be RPGs. The PS1 and PS2 both had strong RPG libraries, so it’s not a huge surprise that the PSP picked up the baton with some real bangers.

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gold_drake6d ago

very good list.

i played almost all but one of them

Cacabunga6d ago

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth was something!! One of my favorite games of all time


Resident Evil Fan Film Adapts Iconic "Itchy Tasty" Diary

A fan-made Resident Evil short film has been released, and it tells the story of one of the original game's most terrifying and iconic diary entries.

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TiredGamer13d ago

Fantastic homage to a memorable part of the original. The authenticity to the source material is outstanding and blows away all of the pathetic Hollywood adaptations that we've had to endure as fans. The addition of Chris Redfield's original actor AND (separate) voice actor is fantastic! Heck, even the CGI was pretty good given the total budget of $55k to make this.

Babadook712d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yeah this seemed so much more like cannon to me. I’d watch more of it if / when it’s available.