All-New Screenshots of Mirror's Edge

All new screenshots of Mirror's Edge, a first person platformer where players assume the role of a woman renegade named Faith. While the city is tightly controlled by the government, underground radicals use Faith and others like her to deliver secret messages by hand, leaping rooftop to rooftop and dodging government officials. There are 7 new images including the 2 old ones previously released. Enjoy.

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crunchie1014009d ago

This game is quicky becoming the game i never knew i wanted more than anything else.

SilPho4009d ago

You said it. And it's supposed to be due this year as well, even better!

mighty_douche4009d ago

Look amazing (graphically).

Obviously not following the realism of parkour though. More an assassin's creed on crack.

MK_Red4009d ago

Super awesomer find and amazing screens. This game blows minds whenever it's shown.

Maldread4009d ago

Seems like they have some good cleaners working in those buildings too, everything just look so clean and shiny ;)

ar4009d ago

I'm guessing they made that deliberately.
The game is supposed to set in an utopian society where everything is clean and tidy and crime is almost non-existing. But when you rub the surface another picture starts to unravel. A society where no one is ever free.
Makes you think, don't it. Soon we might be there in real life.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4009d ago


Freedom is something that hasn`t been experienced in a while.

that concept is foreign to all of us.

IMO, anyway.

Maldread4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

That`s true, it`s their art direction. I think it was to highlight the red colour and make it seem like a desperate housewife`s episode, even though they dosn`t say that of course hehe ;)


WVmetal4009d ago

OMG! This game looks amazing. Also loving the choice of bright colors. This will be a refreshing change from all the gritty brown games this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.