Naruto Storm 3: Rinnegan Tobi,Edo Itachi, Nagato Confirmed

Tobi and a revived Itachi and Nagato are confirmed playable in the game.

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tayz3167d ago


Y_51503167d ago

This game was a must buy a long time ago. This just furthers it!

tayz3167d ago

do you have PS3 or 360!?!

We still have Madara to go! Then this game will be complete!!

Y_51503167d ago

I got the system where the first Naruto Storm game was exclusive to...The PS3! :D

I desire Jugo to have that awakening like the one versus the Raikage!!!!

Snookies123167d ago

Yeah, once(if) they confirm Madara and Kushina as playable, this game will be a dream come true lol!

Cannot wait to get this day one. Gotta get it for PS3 as well, seeing as how I want 1, 2, Generations, and 3 at some point.

CaptainSheep3167d ago

Itachiiiiiiii! WOOT! Most badass guy in the series. 8|

Snookies123167d ago

Definitely, although Madara, Tobi, and Nagato come very close...

Rai3167d ago

oh we'll get to see izanami.

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