Exclusive TV Content And New Movies Coming to Xbox Live in March

Not only will U.S. Xbox Live members have access to great HD content in March, but they will also be able to download content exclusive to Xbox Live, including a free episode of Comedy Central's Lewis Black: Root of All Evil, which will available to all Xbox Live members from March 13- March 20.

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power of Green 4194d ago

Afro Samurai lol I was just saying not too long ago MSFT should bring the series to XBL. cool sh**.

Dareaver14193d ago

that was one of the best recently released anime.... I can't wait for Ex-Machina to come out. They should get both movies of Karas

gamesR4fun4193d ago

ya the only problem with afro is theres only five eps suppose to be a second season in the pipes.... Best NA anime at the time tho i gotta say boondocks rules right now ;)

DarkSniper4194d ago

Dont forget. In order to purchase these movies from XBOX Live, users are forced to using a "points" system created by the vile minds of the Microsoft Corporation. This point system, will force you to overpay for what the actual movie or show is worth.

Consumers, you need to take a stand. Ensure that these slave tactics by Microsoft are halted by purchasing a PLAYSTATION® 3 console today.

With Microsolaves giving the nickname "Blu-Raystation 3, Moviestation 3 etc., why would you want to watch movies on your Red Light 360? It's obvious that you do not welcome the idea of digital downloads.


Exhaust4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

How you going to download movies on your PS3? You can't. It's coming at some point just like everything else from Home to universial in game chat. At some undisclosed time in the future.

Me I'd rather have both systems.

You can talk about RROD all you want but when the 360 works it does things the Playstation 3 can't yet.

PS3 plus for reliablity negative for the list of missing features
360 plus for delivering DD now negative for poor relibablity

I'll deal with RROD so I can enjoy next generation features rather than waiting for everyting. Have fun waiting Sniper.

DarkSniper4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

You can talk about RROD all you want but when the 360 works it does things the Playstation 3 can't yet.

But when the 360 doesnt work. It holds the value of the manure on the bottom of Dark Sniper's shoe. Even more so, why should you be even debating with Dark Sniper on the superiority of XBOX 360 "when it works"?

Simple answer is that you shouldnt be. To be able to enjoy gaming for just a temporary amount of time is an extreme disservice to the gaming community in general. The hard working male or female should feel justified by spending 300 or more dollars by having reliable hardware that will ensure gaming time for at least 4 years. Not biting their fingernails each time he/she turns on the power button.

Enjoy waiting. Enjoy waiting for your console to die, waiting for 1+ hours for Microsoft's telephone customer service, waiting for a decent speaker that speaks english, waiting for a shipment box to arrive, waiting to for your 360 in the mail and more importantly.....

Waiting for the same process to repeat again.


Exhaust4194d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

You PS3 fanboys try to make it sound like 100% of 360's fail.

Like I said, I'll deal with the possiblity my 360 will break while I enjoy features you'll continue to wait for.

Like my PS3 as well but its lacking in major features like universal voice chat. So keep on saying its coming. It's coming. As far as my 360 goes those features are here and they have been for a long time.

To me $300 isn't a life or death purchase like obviously it is to you. So I'd rather enjoy features than wait.

Waiting and talking in the third person is what you do best.

whoelse4193d ago

Id rather record my movies and programs for free with PlayTV, and then copy them to my PC, PSP and iPod.