Mirror's Edge: "Gaming might never be the same again"

VG247 saw Mirror's Edge, the DICE-developed first-person free-running game, at GDC last week. According to the report, it was one of the most impressive games at the show.

From the piece: "The first-person free-running of the female protagonist is astounding to behold, and we watch as the entire crowd wobbles and leans in response to the running and leaping on-screen. With just a press of a button the demo-player is able to skid underneath pipes, or vault over them. He can vault fences and can flow leap across rooftops into a run with a single crash roll. Never has an FPS tracked inertia and human movement in this way."

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mighty_douche4005d ago

Sounds great, but doesnt strike me as something id play. Still some footage would be nice.

Exhaust4005d ago

I think this game could revolutionize the FPS genre. Its an awesome idea. Up until this game FPS were a floating head with arms.

If they pull this off it could be huge. The next Doom or GTA. Taking gaming into a whole new level. I'm excited. Can't wait.

MK_Red4005d ago

This will be the next big FPS and will do what Assasisn's Creed did to sandbox gaming. Can't wait.

Gorgon4005d ago

Hum, I don't think AC did any revolution on the sandbox scene, Red.

VigorousApathy4005d ago

So you're saying this game will do nothing too? Assassin's Creed was basically Grand Theft Horse.

Gorgon4005d ago


I'm not saying this game won't make a revolution in FP games. On the other hand, I haven't seen any videos or played it, so I don't know. If they pull it out then YES, I think it is a pretty big change from the "static flying camera with a gun on the right side of the screen". For those who have seen Far Cry 2 videos and whatched the character open doors, pull out bullets form his hand and legs, grab car doors, etc, they know that very simple additions like this make a big difference in immersion. By comparison, Mirror's Edge would make a trully gigantic step forward in immersion, with a character with a true 3D body instead of a flying head.

But as for AC I think it was more of a natural evolution of the open-ended world simulation than a revolution.

MK_Red4005d ago

I'm not saying AC was a revolution but as Gorgon said, an evolutionary step.

Plus, AC was way more than GTA with horses. AC and Crackdown are the only sandbox games that actually tried new things while GTA and other gangsta wanna bes remained... gangsta wanna bes.

The control scheme of AC and it's animation systems were the revolutionary parts but the whole game was a step forward for the genre. Mirror's Edge has a completely different control mechanism and unique gameplay system that can indeed do what the title of this story says.

Shankle4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Much like homo erectus.


But no, seriously, GTA isn't about the gangster at all for me, as much as San Andreas would hate to believe. It was all about the freedom. Few games had ever given you that kind of freedom. Want to be a policeman? Just get in a police car. See a fire engine and you can be a firefighter. There's even an 'ice cream' truck.
GTA also had the genius humour, for example the aforementioned 'ice cream' truck, and the radio stations like VCPR and adverts like Salivex. "Now I can lick my partner's *STAMP COLLECTION* all day!"
GTA was revolutionary, like it or not. But it was also really fun, which is why the GTA games aren't evolving except in technical areas like graphics and AI. It is up to games like Crackdown, Assassin's Creed and Mirror's edge to make the real next evolutionary steps in the open word genre. GTA is fine as it is, because it's so fun, and I'm really looking forward to GTA 4.

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tweaker4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Sounds really interesting. Hopefully some in game demonstration will soon be unveiled about this game. Maybe E3?

SL1M DADDY4005d ago

Didn't they say that when they released Pac-Man CE?

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