UK to go Hands On with PS3

If you are in London some time between November 3 - 5 at the Novotel London West Hotel and Convention Centre in Hammersmith, you will have the opportunity to play on the PS3 which is making an appearance at the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show.

Of course you need to buy a ticket for the event which costs £13, so if anyone wants to play on a PS3 you'd better book some tickets now!

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OutpostCommand5898d ago

Oh I say !
Excellent news, Ill pop down there and have sniff around there.

BIadestarX5898d ago

Lucky europeans. They will have the oportunity to pay to play a product they will get for another 5 months.

achira5898d ago

many ppl payed for e3 (americans) and had no chance to play the ps3.

BIadestarX5898d ago

1) Who said they went to see the PS3? Most people went to see the wii. And to see what all consoles were going to bring in. (too bad the PS3 was a disapointment).
2) The PS3 will be out in USA and Japan.
I think Sony owe it to the european people; they should be doing it for free.

ASSASSYN 36o5898d ago

At least you can see what you don`t want this month UK.