PSXExtreme: Far Cry 2 Preview

PSXExtreme writes: The original Far Cry introduced a few interesting concepts, but for the most part, it was a pretty standard FPS. The sequel, scheduled to arrive some time later this year, may implement a truly revolutionary style of gameplay for the first-person shooter genre; one that emphasizes player freedom. Ubisoft Montreal explained much of this theory at last week's Game Developers Conference, and as it turns out, the player will experience both a linear storyline and the thrill of deciding what to do and when to do it.

One of the features that garnered a ton of attention at GDC 2008 was the Infamy Rating we'll have in Far Cry 2. Depending on this rating, NPCs will interact with you differently, and that's the crux of the gameplay experience (beyond the combat, of course). Will this NPC be friendly or hostile? Will they respond favorably to you? Do you have the edge due to your Infamy level? All of this plays a role, even to the point where your health will actually increase with a lower Infamy rating.

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mighty_douche4188d ago

Really looking forward to this, im torn between PC or PS3, think ill go for PC purely because of the better graphics and support. I can imagine this game having quite a few bugs/glitches at release and they'll get ironed out quicker on the PC.

MrWonderful4188d ago

was the original farcry anygood?

mighty_douche4188d ago

Yes, very good infact, mind you different developers now, the original was handled by Cryteck (Crysis) where as this is Ubisoft. Bit id seriously reccomend FC2 if your an FPS fan.

iNcRiMiNaTi4188d ago

my pc cant run crysis but the only thing holding it back now is a graphics card. im most likely gonna get a 9600gt soon so im still not sure. ill prolly get it for pc because of mods and stuff. but either way i wanna get this game one way or another

mighty_douche4188d ago

Id go for a 8800GT or GTS rather than a 9600. Especially, as soon as the 9800 drops as the 8800 price should come down even a bit.

iNcRiMiNaTi4188d ago

so i should wait it out a little? my motherboard doesnt support SLi so im tryin to get as much power in one card as i can get. if i get the 8800 im gonna go for the ultra and im not spending that much on a single card and from what i hear, the 9600 is almost as powerful but slightly weaker than the 8800ultra and the 9600 is ini the $200-$300 range

mighty_douche4188d ago

Can you link me to the benchmarks you've seen?

As from what ive read the 9600 doesnt come close to the 8800GTX/Ultra but the 8800GTS (512) does, very close infact. Obviously the choice is yours at the end of the day, but i have a single GTS and it runs everything (UT3, CoD4, NOT crysis) very well indeed.

Reading rumours floating around the web, alot of people believe the 9 series is only going to offer a small improvement over the 8 series as Nvidia already have their "next gen" cards in the works.
Just look at the 9800GTX, its practically the same make up as the 8800GTS, same amount of memory, steam proccessors etc

iNcRiMiNaTi4187d ago

ill prolly still get the 9600. unless the 8800GTX or GTS have their prices drop

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mintaro4188d ago

actual cloud formations? im sold

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