EA's Top Secret GTA V Screenshot & Tech Demo Discovered

Via Ripten:

"Many of us have been holding our breath since EA made its initial offer to buy Take-Two, and the company's comment, stating that they would wait until the release of Grand Theft Auto IV before discussing the offer any further, did very little to ease that sick feeling in our stomachs.

EA, who has been known to tone down the violent content of their games and splurge on in game advertising, is set to destroy our beloved Grand Theft Auto franchise. The top secret tech demo showcasing EA's take on the series is not for the faint of heart."

**This is an obvious satire piece, however it does offer a potential eerie glimpse into the future.**

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Nostradavis4005d ago

the sad thing is, this is exactly what I see happening if EA acquires Take-Two.

wardrox4005d ago

Indeed, if a little depressing.

Cutter204005d ago

and then have a big parade in Liberty City.

What's with all the Madden gear in the screenshot?

Twizlex4005d ago

I think it represents how much it would suck if EA made GTA. I hate EA...

FCOLitsjustagame4005d ago

Well the picture made me think someone had done a good photoshop of an GTA trailer, but all we got is the lousy coke add which I have seen a lot of the past year since it was on the superbowl the previous year. Its a good add, and I get the joke but the pic made me think that the joke would be better.

Nostradavis4005d ago

If you request that he make more images I am sure he will. He probably has no idea that people would be interested in seeing more.

ruibing4005d ago

This actually gave me mixed feelings. Disregarding the advertisement for Coke, it was actually nice to see something inspiring, though unrealistic, in that game setting for a change.

I don't really mind the toned down violence EA might bring, but I do mind how and why they will do it. Toning down the violence to offer some glimpse of hope in a dark world isn't so bad, but doing it to just lower the ESRB ratings is just wrong. This and seeing GTA becoming equivalent to EA's NFL franchise with a new release every year.

Yi-Long4005d ago

GTA is a game about crime, and crime isnt pretty. It's violent.
GTA is also a game about FREEDOM, and allowing you to do whatever you want with the toys it gives you, which are weapons and cars and lots of potential victims.

Now, I find it FUNNY and AMUSING to paint whole blocks red with blood, so if I wanna do that, it should be possible in the game.
If I wanna slowly shoot an in-game pedestrian in both knees and watch his reaction, I wanna be able to do that.
I wanna drive cars into huge groups of pedestrians and see blood and limbs everywhere.

Am I violent? No, not really. But in a videogame it's fun to see that kind of reaction to your actions.
Just like chick'nkick'n in Fable. I LOVEEEE animals I LITERALLY wouldnt hurt a fly or a spider (I kill mosquitos though), but I really enjoy kicking a chicken in Fable when I walk past one. It's just fun.

So no, toning down violence IN A GAME LIKE GTA, wouldnt be OK. Cause the game is about crime, freedom, and violence. And humour, lots of humour. And fun. It all goes hand in hand.

And I'm sorry, but if I shoot a guy in the kneecaps and he isnt bleeding and begging for his life, that just isnt funny.

Nostradavis4005d ago


Agree. Bubble for you.

Grown Folks Talk4005d ago

kicked many a chicken myself. Move chick, get out the way! Get out the way chick, get out the way!

Kleptic4005d ago


the game was a hit because it gave you the choice of what to do...You didn't have to pick up strippers if you didn't want to...and you didn't have to kill them afterwards either...but you could...

the morality of the game though is what was always in question...not the freedom...people made a big deal out of it because of the incentives put in place...nailing a stripper gave you health...a clear incentive to look for a chick to skewer when you were in dire straights...then killing her often rewarded you with a pot of cash glowing around her...

there were some side the ambulance or taxi stuff...that rewarded you for helping others...but those were very few and far between...basically...there was little incentive to do anything 'nice'...killing, stealing, and destroying everything was what progressed you through the game...

so with all that said...the rest I disagree with you about...You should still be able to do it...but the game could have far less of a negative reaction if doing 'good' stuff also got you rewarded...there were rumors that GTAIV would give you the option of getting a real job, and that you could play through 80% of the game without physically harming anybody (a similar situation to what MGS games describe)...if this is what is meant by 'toning down the violence'...that can't be looked at like a bad thing...just give the player the choice to hose everyone, or help them across the street...with different rewards for both...then its not a direct attempt at making the player feel compelled to liquidate all life entirely...there are supposed to be side missions in which you play a cop, and give speeding tickets and stuff if you want...that kind of stuff is equally funny...and gives the game much less of an image of only adhering to criminal acts...

in either case though...the games are good the way they are...they are funny...and it is so unrealistic that I find it almost retarded that people would think that it makes players blur the line of a GTA game and reality...if anything...EA just wants it toned down because they think it would increase probably wouldn't, and would just sort of kill the franchise...

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DongHungLong4005d ago


This is a f*cking coke commercial they show at the movies during the pre-movie advertisements... Wow just wow you would think half the people on the net never leave their mother's basements and lack any form of intelligence what so ever...

Nostradavis4005d ago

The point of the article is that if EA comes in, they will turn GTA into a coke commercial with happiness and love being the overarching theme. In fact, I am certain that if this were to happen, every station in the car as you drive around in GTA would be playing "give a little love and it all comes back to you...." over and over.

replikka4005d ago

ur so dumb, everybody knows its a coke commercial. he is just giving u a glimpse into whats gonna happen to gta if EA buys out Take Two. ur the one who needs intelligence, dumb ass.

Twizlex4005d ago

Lacking intelligence? How about you? Whatsoever is one word - learn the language before you go abusing it.

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