Mass Effect Gets Australian Release Date

Kotaku writes:

According to EA's local presence, Australia will receive the PC version of Bioware's Mass Effect on March 15, after which I'm sure you'll be able to purchase it from your favourite retailer or game-selling orang-utan.

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TrevorPhillips4005d ago

im not gettin this because i already have it on the 360 and also im a 360fanboy but they should release this game on the ps3 aswell because ps3 has got the hardware and the blu-ray cd u know what i mean.

power of Green 4005d ago

Nah the game already uses *mad Ram* the game would be a mess, the first one already needs work for the 360 the 2nd one would only be more taxing as the devs do better on the sequel.

I swear you're a hardcore Sony fan despite your 360 gamer tag/account, are you useing a friends account? lol. Sometimes you sound like the opisite of THEMART but Themart doesn't have a PS3 account.

wAtdaFck4005d ago

ummm...the PS3's utilizes four 512 Mbit XDR RAM, which is about 4-5 times faster than the 360's GDDR3 RAM? Okay? 3.2GHz speed is faster than GDDR3's 700MHz.

TrevorPhillips4005d ago

excuse me green what was that

M337ING4005d ago

the press release they quote says it comes out in MAY multiple times...