Does The Xbox 720 Need Halo 5 In Order For A Successful Launch?

Boston (TheNextXbox) – The first-party exclusive killer app is something that is always tied to a console, and can make or break a console at launch. With that said, we want to ask the question of whether or not the next-generation Xbox 720 needs Halo 5 at launch in order for the launch to be a success?

The original Xbox had a successful run out of the gate because of one game and one game alone, and that game was Halo.

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Bagogames2099d ago

Nope,It will be fine. Everyone just wants to play COD at first.

cl19832099d ago

I'll just play 4 on it.

iNathan2099d ago

and it did just fine. im sure 720 will follow.

thenextxbox2099d ago

it also did not launch in same year as ps3 though.

MultiConsoleGamer2099d ago

Halo 4: Enhanced Xbox 720 Edition.