Brief video footage of the unreleased Warhawk Apc in the wild.

At 55 and 1:15 you can briefly see the new APC vehicle roll across the screen.

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gamesR4fun4193d ago

Sorry this guy says its halo-ish omg then it gets worst has he tries to contain his ho hum. @#$%$ Then dude whos piloting is clueless death by tow is bad enough but self inflicted on youtube ain't going away. Anyways still worth it for all that glory check out the custom armore on that dude... New paint job on the plane too and if you squint just right at 1:22 you might catch the APS's bubble shield glistning in the light.

micro_invader4193d ago

Totally agree. man that guys voice is annoying >_<

And as for the apc, looks pretty cool but hopefully they release some official stuff soon, like some screenshots or vids.

gamesR4fun4192d ago

but my poor spellcheck couldnt even help me at 2:30 am lol

dunno were I thought i saw new armors or paint on the planes.... and if your pause at 1:22 you should see the shield deployed on the APC looks like you can move with it on and is it just me or is that thing chugging a little faster than a jeep?

chasegamez4193d ago


gEnKiE4193d ago

Dam....just watching this makes me want to play Warhawk.....too bad im at work...

Pacotaco19874193d ago

He couldn't even get out of hover mode..... are you kidding me??? "This game has a very simple flying element to it, but it kind of works...." ROFL.

Butthaul4193d ago

stomps halo's ass. this guy needs a beat down

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The story is too old to be commented.