Rumor: Wii Launching Early?

According to the General Item Information on the Wii, Best Buy will be receiving their shipment from Nintendo on October 29th. Yet, no street date is listed, despite Nintendo announcing that the console would go on sale November 19th nearly a month ago.

Will Best Buy be sitting on their inventory for 3 weeks? It's not totally crazy, but maybe a little odd.

Definitely not as odd as Nintendo changing their launch date, but stranger things have happened.

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bszelda5902d ago

This will be soo awesome if it is true! I have a best buy that is only 20 min. from my house! If it's not true, then i guess i'll have to wait until nov. 19... oh well! :D:D

pjohn5901d ago

I work at Best Buy & getting the shipment of Wii's early sounds very likely. When 360 came out we had our shipment a little over 2 weeks early. So don't get your hopes up on an early release on the Wii.