Sony's PS3 poised to grab limelight this year

Reuters writes: "If 2006 was the year of the Xbox 360 and 2007 was the year of the Wii, 2008 is shaping up to be PlayStation 3's turn in the spotlight, as it stokes demand in the $19 billion computer gaming industry with some hotly awaited game titles.

Exclusive PS3 titles like puzzle-solving, community-based game "LittleBigPlanet", production improvements that will give Sony room to cut prices, and the recent victory of its Blu-ray technology in the high-definition DVD format war, should drive demand for the games console."

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blacsheep4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

ps3 has not only grabbed the bull by the horns but its got it by its genitals to and its not letting go.

please just pause and think of everything that is happening for ps3 owners this year (home,bluray,playtv,the GAMES) it should actually make you quite giddy and wana slap somene in disbelief

ikiru33854195d ago

we'll see what happens but the tide seems to be shifting in ps3's favor :-D

Fux4Bux4195d ago

Yeah this year should put PS3 far on top of the 360. Probably will even out monthly sales with the Wii too.

WIIIS14195d ago

2 months into 2008 and still all quiet on the Sony front. I'm not too sure it'll be such a big bang for PS3 in 2008 as everyone is saying.

thedude176554195d ago

you don't read this site. to stay in the gamer zone i will make the comment that it seems that ps3 will have a very big year, from hardware into software.

blacsheep4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

what with bluray winning,

developers starting to understand the ps3.MGS4 release date,resistance2 confirmed,motorstorm2 confirmed,8days graphically mind blowing,home near completion,playtv ready,ps3 now outselling 360 in USA,GOW3 confirmed

its been so slow 2 months in for the ps3

tweaker4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Blu-ray winning the HD format war was a huge bang for the PS3.

It will sell consoles and it is giving the PS3 some positive press.

Thats a good jump start if you ask me.

Ken Kutaragi's vision is aligning into place for the PS3.

WIIIS14195d ago

As a gamer and an owner of PS3, Blu-ray winning has done nothing to fill my appetite for games I'm afraid. Maybe I'm wrong to say its quiet on the Sony front since Sony has a direct interest in the HD format war. I should have said quiet on the PS3 front thus far, and I think that's a fair statement from my visits to the gaming shop.

gEnKiE4195d ago

Got a question for ya BS3.....What does your name mean?

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mighty_douche4195d ago

People need to just get used to theidea of the PS3 winning from here on out.

I still dont understand how people wrote them off, look at their track record, this is Sonys turf and they dont like to share.

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The story is too old to be commented.