PS3Fanboy: GT5 video interview reveals little DLC, no car damage

PS3Fanboy reports that Takau Imasaki, producer for Gran Turismo 5 at SCEA, recently talked a bit about the game and what's going on in the minds of Sony. The game is meant to be more user-friendly for the Western audience. Prologue is meant more to serve as a testing ground for the developers on creating the best online functionality possible, built through user-feedback and the experience of releasing one "game" before the full title. They're trying to catch up to Microsoft in that regard, they said. Car damage? It's coming, they said, but probably not in this first batch of games, we would imagine. Also, there won't be that much downloadable content, but perhaps a little.

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games4fun4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

implement car damage do not act shocked if all the cars don't support it, the car companies that make deals with GT designers don't usually like to show that there car will look bad, so they make sure its not added. Only select cars will have damage.

disclaimer: i am using basic logic and conjecture please do not take my word as the absolute truth

Cyrus3654193d ago

Your right the way GT Creator wants to do damage, as in the most realistic fashion, showing how deadly those crashes would look, you'll probably won't see damage, but hopefully there will be superfacial (Non realistic) damage to those cars (In which those manaufactures don't want to show off the realistic damage)...

Panthers4193d ago

IO thought they would have it in an update. (i dont remember if that is for GT5 Prologue or GT5)

BeaArthur4193d ago

I'm glad to finally get some news on GT5 and not the prologue itself. Prologue seems cool but I am not paying $40 for part of a game, I'll be purchasing the full version though.

meepmoopmeep4193d ago

i wonder if they could just release an upgrade for the Prologue buyers for a much cheaper price. who knows

BeaArthur4193d ago

I had that thought too that they could just release some DLC for those who already have the prologue but I don't know how feasible that is if they make a lot of modifications from the time prologue is released to the time the full game is released.

ravinash4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

They could have made GT5 prologue into GT5 itself and then just keep adding cars and maps as they became ready.

Oh well, still love GT, and I'll be getting Prologue and the full game when it comes out...I'm sure I'll be getting my moneys worth.

TheMART4193d ago

"Car damage? It's coming, they said, but probably not in this first batch of games, we would imagine."

The first BATCH of games? What does that mean? We won't see car damage untill GT8 in 2018??? It doesn't sound like if its only Prologue...

akaFullMetal4193d ago

yea i dont know what is going on, they said there is going to be and now not for a few games, i dont know??? lets hope its not true

gambare4193d ago

If you are not going to play GT5?

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The story is too old to be commented.