AT&T talks serious smack about cable broadband speeds

AT&T attempted to take the shine off of the claimed speeds of cable companies during a presentation at the Merrill Lynch Communications Services Forum 2008. During a presentation at the forum, AT&T Telecom Operations Group president John Stankey talked some smack about the broadband offerings of his company's cable competitors.

Stankey revealed that AT&T purchased cable Internet service for over 150 homes in the service area of an unnamed competitor. The advertised broadband speeds were in the neighborhood of 6Mbps to 8Mbps, and AT&T installed gear in each home to test and take samplings of the actual throughput and speeds.

The result was quite different from what the cable company advertised.

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and thats what at n t is...

rogimusprime4008d ago

as if AT&T, comcast, and Timewarner REALLY care about how fast your connection is. They advertise speeds all the time, but how many customers even NEED broadband. That is, the "always on" status. As popular as we think it is, most people still don't even have it yet, or if they do, they only use it to check their stupid hotmail or send a picture or two. Or Myspace.

And what happens if you actually try to "take advantage" of the service you pay for? Downloading Games or large torrent files has gotten attention: now these companys want to filter certain traffic and tell you what you CAN or CAN'T download.

like I said, this is a joke.

What are they going to do? Refund customers who have reduced speeds? Gimme a break. They don't even give a damn.

SaiyanFury4007d ago

When I was living in Winnipeg, Canada, I had [email protected], Shaw's cable internet. It was a bit expensive, I paid 60 CAD per month, but it was worth it. I could download as much as I could and the bandwidth never got capped. On top of that the customer service was fantastic. If I had a question, they had an answer. Simply a basic service you don't see with American companies. They outsource their "customer service" to countries where you can't even understand the accent. I don't know if this is typical of Canadian practises versus American practises, but I do know that my ISP here, Windstream, seldom gives me solid answers. Heaven forbid I have a router problem. I have a Linksys, and the "technical support's" magical answer to every problem is reflash the firmware because in their eyes, it solves all the problems. Outsourcing sucks....

velaxun4007d ago

I live in Winnipeg right now! Although I'm not on Shaw, using MTS and they're customer support is pretty good. I've never really had a problem with them either, fast speeds and I've never had my bandwidth capped or anything either. Canada bloody rocks

mcgrawgamer4007d ago

when I had bellsouth they told me I'd have download speeds of 4mbps when I got their dsl service i was actually getting 1.5mbps; one thing they failed to mention in their presentation is that dsl service fluctuates depending on where u stay. For exampe if you stay close to one of their nodes you'll get faster service, but if you stay a good ways away from power source your signal downgrades as it travels. The beauty about cable is that because it travels over a fiber optic cable line they are able to add boosters at certain points where the signal would otherwise downgrade. I have cable right now and my signal is a constant 4908 kbps download and 372kbps upload. I also find it funny how they used their own products to test the signal. I wonder what the results would be if those customers used speakeasy or any other free servicet to test their signal.

xionpunk4007d ago

yeah I used to have bellsouth too and the speeds were horrible for downloads. For people just web browsing it is perfectly fine.

name4007d ago

I had comcast cable before, but now I have att. At&t is rediculously slow compared to comcast. When I had comcast I never seen "buffering" on anything streamed. Now I do..alot.

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