AngelicIceDiamond4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Yep, First Bungie announcements then Sony's Live Presser 3 days later.

The 17 and 20th can't come soon enough.

To anybody that's unclear.

BattleTorn4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Tell me about it, my girl comes home on the 17th!!!!!!

juandren4177d ago

Will she be announcing the PS4? Otherwise we don't really care

(Kidding. Happy for you. Was just trying to be funny)

ABizzel14177d ago

I don't really understand why they would do this before the PS4 announcement. The announcement of a new Big 3 console will overshadow the announcement of a new game regardless of what game it is.

My guess is Bungie may very well be at this PlayStation conference with a second showing of Destiny. If so that's a huge stealth troll by Sony in the only way a stealth troll can be good. MS did the same thing when previous 3rd party games that were exclusive to Sony, were being released on Xbox as well.

Bungie and MS go hand in hand simply due to the Halo franchise. Sony having Bungie show their newest game on PlayStation is a slap in the face.

It's like in 2006 - 2012 MS was stealing all of Sony's ex's.

But here if it happens, Sony just stole MS wife.

Kevin ButIer4177d ago

Or MS wants to troll Sony

Or Sony wants to troll everyone

4176d ago
ABizzel14168d ago

8 Days Later.

LMAO at my disagrees.

Looks like I was right suckas.

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GalacticEmpire4177d ago

This might mean it's a PS4 launch title!

Dread4177d ago

It probably wont, but we know it is timed exclusive.

Vegetom4177d ago

Or perhaps a move by Microsoft to steal some of Sony's momentum and announce it as a (timed) exclusive?

MmaFan-Qc4177d ago

isnt Bungie supposed to be released from the slavery contract Microsoft had?

Enemy4177d ago

@ MmaFan: They're under contract with Activision now, not Microsoft.

PFFT4177d ago

Nope, this game will be a timed exclusive for the Next Xbox. Bungie has confirmed this.

jmac534177d ago

Microsoft has first rights of refusal for all Bungie products even if it is being published by Activision.

delboy4177d ago

NO, Destiny is for ps360 and xbox720.

hakis864177d ago

Ohh, they should wait until after the 20th. Just worried that IF indeed the PS4 ++ is shown, that will make a lot of people forget about a game (for a while).
Maybe a week or two later would have been good.

Muffins12234177d ago

For all we know the timed exclusive thing might not even happen,remember this contract we saw is several years old

GalacticEmpire4177d ago

Never understood why right after escaping Microsofts grip they would turn around and make their next game Xbox exclusive.

Apparently everyone is completely certain that the deal they made YEARS ago with Activision still includes this leaked requirement. They also have to get a 90+ score average and sell like 5 million copies in 6 months or something along those lines or Acti will terminate them, I mean their contract. All seems a bit ridiculous to me, but I guess Activision are great at making money so they know how to screw every last penny out of their slaves/devs.

Aceman184177d ago

i remember hearing its 6mth timed period for microsoft first, but if this game has online mode i can patiently wait the 6mth to pick it up as i wont pay to play online.

MrBeatdown4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

"Microsoft has first rights of refusal for all Bungie products even if it is being published by Activision."

Got a source for that? I Googled it, and all I could find was that MS gets the first crack at publishing rights, and that ship has long since sailed. And even then MS having the first shot at publishing rights wasn't 100% confirmed, and seems unlikely unless MS actually had the first shot and decided it wasn't worth publishing Bungie's next game.

"For all we know the timed exclusive thing might not even happen,remember this contract we saw is several years old"

Exactly. The contract doesn't set the final release plan in stone. It's an agreement to a minimum, so nobody is obligated to deliver beyond what they know they can, or want to. But it doesn't mean both sides can't agree to changes.

Just a few months ago, promo art was leaked that listed just 360 and PS3. Bungie confirmed it was real, which could point to both versions being released at the same time...

Enemy4177d ago

We've got some funny delusional fans here. Activision, the publisher, decides where the game is going. Bungie has no say as they signed a multiplatform contract with a multiplatform publisher. Deal with it.

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TheGamerDood4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

they know that no one is going to be talking about anything else after Sony announces their new hardware so...

8 days left kiddies, are you ready?

hazardman4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Any next gen games or systems shown are worth talking about. I'm looking forward to the 17th as much as the 20th. Its a new game that eventually will be played on PS4 and X8. I wish more game companies show off next gen games...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

This game will be made to appear only for xbox. You most likely see xbox logo. Bungie + cod publishers + MS = 2 year dlc delay for pc/ps4.

I am looking forward to playing this but as a playstation gamer I have a bad feeling about this game..

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SquidBuck4177d ago


FarCryLover1824177d ago

I really hope it's not aiming for that E10 -T rating that I've been hearing about.

SquidBuck4177d ago

As long as it's fun the rating doesn't matter!

DigitalSmoke4177d ago

Looking forward to this multi plat!

ayabrea934177d ago

very intrigued by this game. can't wait