GameRevolver reviews Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Although we have seen worse looking games before, I can't recall one in the last 2 years that has compared to the awesome suck fest that is Turning Point. The opening to the game was semi cool, with explosions that do nothing to the environment, pre rendered environment interactions mean that this game plays exactly the same every time, leaving no room for replayability. However, as we all know, it is not just about the graphics, if the gameplay is there you can still have a solid title. Hmm. We'll see.

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Amagai Shuusuke4009d ago

Hour of Victory all over again?

M337ING4009d ago

Worst Game of the Year?

LinuxGuru4009d ago

I love this quote from that review:

"CodeMasters, if you are listening, raise your damn standards. This truly unique concept was completely murdered by a complete lack of detail. Boo"

I'm glad I didn't try this game now.

BWS19824009d ago

all these FPS's and shooters I was looking forward to for the PS3 and almost none of them end up getting 8.0's or higher from ANY reviews (which I still take with grains of salt): Turok, Conflict, Lost Planet, now Turning, I hope Army of Two, Mercenaries, Brothers in Arms, Battlefield, Haze, KZ2, and Resistence 2 can excel...

gogators4009d ago

Rainbow Six 2 is out in a couple of weeks. Army of Two is looking interesting, but I'll wait for a few reviews after not waiting for Turok reviews.

BWS19824008d ago

it seems people will hit the disagree button with no common rationale behind the action. damn.

gambare4009d ago

Except CoD4 all of them was crap, it looks like the only good FPS are the exclusives.

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