Guerrilla Games interested in working further on Killzone franchise and new IP

The upcoming PS Vita exclusive Killzone Mercenary promises to continue to the franchise’s trend of developing high end games which are stunning to look at. A few weeks back Sony had released the first trailer for Killzone Mercenary and it looks as good as the PlayStation 3 version.

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Riderz13372075d ago

Doesn't matter what they decide to do, I'll be buying it and I'll know it will be a top notch AAA game. Guerilla Games are graphical wizards in my opinion and I can't wait to see what they come up with on the PS4.

Merrill2075d ago

I found Killzone 3 to be a huge disappointment in all departments, especially the online. The main campaign was rife with cliches and terrible dialog, I preferred Killzone 2 graphically and overall.

Hicken2075d ago

I agree that I preferred KZ2 overall, and that I was, in general, disappointed with KZ3. But that doesn't mean KZ3 was a bad game. It's simply that KZ2 was THAT GOOD.

jimbobwahey2075d ago

Yeah, I felt the same way. Killzone 2 was spectacular but Killzone 3 was a step back in many regards, especially the multiplayer.

Still, the addition of exo suits and jetpacks to multiplayer was pretty cool.

Riderz13372075d ago

KZ 3 exceeded my expectations. Sure the story wasn't as good as KZ2 but the graphics and the gameplay were so much better. They made the movement a little more smooth which created a better online experience for me personally and I enjoyed the games experience overall more than I did KZ2. KZ2 had a better story whereas KZ3 had a better overall experience.

KwietStorm2075d ago

I don't know what you prefer graphically about KZ2, but everything else about it, I definitely do.

Merrill2075d ago

"I don't know what you prefer graphically about KZ2, but everything else about it, I definitely do."

I preferred the look, the motion blur, the darkness of it. Killzone 3 was almost more cartoony in area's. The textures were better in 2 as well, at least to my eyes. Not to say parts of 3 didn't look better in some places, but overall I thought Killzone 2 looked better.

NewMonday2075d ago

Killzone games look great and play great, only thing missing is a good setting and story, do a reboot or go to another timeline.

Philoctetes2075d ago

Agreed. Killzone 3 was a big step backwards. The removal of spawnable squad leaders and spawn grenades removed any element of teamwork and turned it into something more like COD. And it was also unfortunate that the best multiplayer map was a recycled KZ2 map (Salamun).

I'm hoping that KZ4 goes back to its roots and doesn't just try to out-COD COD.

plaZeHD2075d ago

Come on, you can't possibly argue about the graphics. It's a fact that Guerrilla Games added more graphical detail into Killzone 3 than Killzone 2, simple as that. However Killzone 3 has a worse artistic design, but this can be argued cause it's my opinion.

Highlife2075d ago

I felt the same way with Uncharted I felt that 2 was better than 3. Same goes with Killzone. I think bolth 3rd games were good just didn't have the same wow factor as the number 2s. I think the leap from the previous games had a lot to do with that. I think the PS4 will fix all of that.

aCasualGamer2075d ago

Agree with [email protected], somewhat atleast.

KZ3 had some parts that were better than KZ2 and some parts that were underwhelming compared to KZ2. Same goes for Uncharted 3 compared to Uncharted 2.

But, there is a difference between these sequel comparisons and that is that Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 were so utterly exceptionally beautifully well made and amazing experiences that it would be highly improbable that they could easily achieve that perfection again in such short of a time in development.

I believe KZ4 will be exceptionally better than KZ2 because they are committed in making it a launch title(atleast that's what all the leaks suggest) and if that's the case they'll make it grand. I expect a similar impact as KZ2 had on us at E2 2005.

If they bring back the clan system and make it as delicious as in KZ2 i will preorder it asap.

Gotta love Guerrilla Games though for also making a new IP.

Outside_ofthe_Box2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Thank You! KZ2 is better than KZ3 overall. KZ3 appears cartoony to me. I know GG said that they went in a different art direction with KZ3, but they should go back to the darker tone and grittiness of KZ2. It just suits KILLZONE better in my opinion. I know some complained about KZ2 lacking color and I agree to a certain extent, but once again I felt that GG overreacted to complaints and made drastic changes for the worse.

GG should have improved upon KZ2's engine much like Naughty Dog does with their own engine instead of making a completely new engine for KZ3. I really hope GG goes back to their thought process they had during the time when they were developing KZ2 when making KZ4. KZ3 felt like they was just trying to listen to all the haters of KZ2 and trying to take a piece of the CoD pie.

I am interested in seeing their new IP too. I hope try to be as orginal as possible with it.

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Irishguy952075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Really? GG are so overrated. They have made 2 good games now. Killzone 2 and 3. And 5-6 crap games(including pre guerilla games name change). Killzone 3 often receiving alot of hate for it's codifacation too. Sure they can do good graphics, but it seems Killzone 2 was a flook among their creations.

To put them up there with devs that actually deserve the "They will make a great game" is a bit disgraceful to devs who actually do consistently give out good games.

Kwietstorm...what are you talking about? What does it have to do with liking a dev? It's about how much quality they put out compared to how much they don't. ND for example, make nothing and I do mean nothing but good games.

"I'll be buying it and I'll know it will be a top notch AAA game"

This is his statement...I ask "How do you know this?" May as well say whatever Ubisoft make will be AAA top notch because they made Assassins creed 2. When everyone knows Ubi make both good and bad games. GG have only made 2 good ones.

Seriously..some people on this site. I have an idea why don't you go and buy Duke Nukem forever and Aliens Colonial marines....I mean....they MUST be amazing right...because Gearbox made Borderlands 2/

Really citing a dev as a top notch one because of 1 or 2 games out of 10 is just very...i'll leave it at that.

KwietStorm2075d ago

Disgraceful? Nice exaggeration. You don't have to like the same developers that other people do.

OhMyGandhi2075d ago

I feel like they haven't proven themselves just yet. While I don't think they are overrated, I am somewhat conservative in that they still haven't "wowed" me just yet. I suppose that Killzone 2 was such a mixed bag for me. I absolutely fell in love with the graphics, and their technical prowess as a developer pushing the limits of the ps3 is still to be commended, but their storytelling ability is incredibly infantile, and overly simplistic. They need to work better on the "meat" of the game's design, not just how it looks, but actually giving the player an incentive to finish the game. When I finished Killzone 2, I couldn’t care less about ANY of the characters or their situation.

If they prove in the coming years to be fully on board with providing a more competent storyline and actual character development, then count me in.

zebramocha2075d ago

@Irish no,they haven't,before Sony acquired them they use to make gameboy games under a different name.

Prodigy-X2075d ago


Why are you always complaining?

Xenomorph2075d ago

You are an idiot. Please list these "5-6 crap games" you speak of. You sound like a bitter xbox gamer.

PinkFunk2075d ago


I completely agree. I think the gameplay elements in KZ2 were top notch, frankly, but the storyline, script, and voice acting are just 'infantile' as you put it. I honestly felt so distracted by how poor those elements were executed. The graphics, gameplay, art design, multiplayer, were extremely good, but I thought reviews were unfortunately way too lenient on the poor story and character development.

I remember when they said they were involving 'hollywood talent' (which ffs is not really a drawing point nowadays) to work on the story for KZ3, and I thought 'oh no, they haven't learned a lesson...'. So I do hope they step up their game with respects to the bloody story.

akaakaaka2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I cry in Killzone 2.. I guess you had to play Killzone one and read the background history timeline in their webpage to understand how amazing its.
Yes they can improve and make it better but same goes to any fps and killzone history is beyond most but I agree its not well deeply explained in the game..

**spoiler aler Killzone2***
How could you not get sad and upset when the Killzone 1 main character dies, the feelings on how he died was too mutch and when one of your close partners die in Killzone 2 was just sad and it made me cry..
Plus who did not got emotional about rico? That guy plug emotion on everyone (hated)

I will love Killzone 4 to continue where 3 left but also somehow explain how did they get there .. it needs to have big cut scenes like MGS4 since it universe is just to big to explain through gameplay..

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Pintheshadows2075d ago

I want to know what is going on with their long rumoured fantasy game.

sway_z2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Neither Killzone tells a good story..yes graphically Guerilla games are exceptional, but they lack decent character design and storytelling skills...

I buy KZ games because it's brainless space based shooting action that looks and feels good...but they should bring professional writers and character designers to KZ4 and stick to coding the awesome engines they create.

I would love for Guerilla games to make another Vietnam game, but with an approach to story telling similar to Spec Ops the Line, but keep it as an FPS...that war hasn't been explored to it's full potential...WW, Modern Warfare games bore me now...Vietnam with a booming 60's soundtrack!!

*Charlie Sheen to voice the main character!!

PowerPlayaaa2075d ago

Love GG and love the KILLZONE franchise.
I was one of the ppl that thought that KILLZONE 1 was an absolute masterpiece. I bought the game day 1 when it came out for the PS2.
Bought K2 & K3 day 1 aswell, But K2 is still the best game out of the 3, thats one of the best FPS of all time in my opinion, K3 wasnt as good as K2 but still its a good game, i cant wait what GG are working on, i hope they work on a new KILLZONE and a new IP at the same time, would be mindblowing if they launch 2 games at the same time for the ps4 launch, but thats just wishful thinking :p

Hazmat132075d ago

i hope in the next killzone destruction plays a key roll in the game. i love blowing stuff up!

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