Epic Games: Founder-CEO Tim Sweeney Interview

For those of you who don't know, the whole Epic, Unreal thing was started back in 1991, when Tim Sweeney created Potomac Computer Systems in Rockville, Maryland. Soon after, they changed the name of the company to Epic MegaGames and started what has been a successfully outstanding career in the video-game industry.

Today, Sweeney not only remains as the founder and CEO of Epic Games, but he's also the head of the Unreal Engine technology team.

At GDC, TeamXbox had the chance to interview Sweeney to discuss the new Unreal Engine 3 features unveiled at the Microsoft keynote, as well as other real-time graphics-related topics. And if you carefully read between the lines of our edited transcript, perhaps you can deduce some juicy info about Gears of War 2.

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InMyOpinion4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

"With GDC, we added a whole batch of new features, and you’ll see another batch next year for our next batch of games."

"In this case, these new UE3 features were inspired by Gears of War 2. That’s been in development forever since the first Gears shipped, but we didn’t announce it until recently. The physics-destruction system was designed for that. The soft-body system became a high priority when we planned out the features of the game.

We haven’t said anything about the game yet, except for it exists, but you can extrapolate in your mind what some of these features will mean for [Gears of War 2]. The game is the big driver there. "

So Gears will keep getting better and better =)

CaliGamer4195d ago

What I love about EPIC is that they don't discriminate so all the advancements that you see in Gears 2 will also translate into better games for the PS3. As a 3rd party dev. EPIC really makes it a point to have their product (UE3) consistent across the board.

I hope Gears 2 is great as this will allow EPIC's next PS3 project to be even better, sorta like the jump in quality we saw from Gears to UT3. Good stuff.

InMyOpinion4195d ago

Btw, doesn't Tim Sweeny look a bit like Jeffrey Dahmer but with glasses?

CaliGamer4194d ago

Or Stephen King, they are both scary men with glasses, I guess one writes books about horror and one lived it.