New In-Game Yakuza 3 Screenshots

11 new screenshots of Yakuza 3.

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Harry1903884d ago

game is hot.but i
need yakuza2 first.
yakuza1 was superb.

sonarus3884d ago

I am most impressed with how sega is marketing this game. A key part of getting great sales. Hopefully konami will market mgs4 similarly and sony better give them a hand.

I played the demo but too they were nice but i dnt understand japanese so ended up running around doing nonsense most of the time. The game does look awesome. With the great famitsu reviews plus the excellent marketing for the game i think it will be a great seller in JA. Maybe not a huge system seller but it will push at least a moderate amount of consoles. At least get ps3 back into the 40,000 range it should also sell a lot of units. There are about 2million ps3 owners in JA now so should sell moderately well. Sony needs to drop more info on WKS and release it asap so that too can kick in JA sales.

Rikitatsu3884d ago

Famitsu Review = 37/40

The demos were just Awesome