Codemasters is Failing Racing Fans

Gameplayer has run part of an interview with Codemasters where the developers offers a reason as to why the V8 Supercars and DTMs, as well as a host of circuits, will not be found in the next Race Driver game.

They then analyze these statements, coming to the conclusion that the company is dead wrong with its assumptions about their audience.

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Rattles4191d ago

the v8s were the selling point of the game in aus and nz

SlappingOysters4190d ago

so much so that they rebranded the game in those territories!!!

slapsta724191d ago

one can go out and by half a dozen racing games with a japanese racing focus. but this was the only series to have v8 supercars and therefore was a must buy for a lot of ppl in australia. codemasters made a huge mistake here in my opinion.

SlappingOysters4190d ago

I wonder if they will lose the license now. If you own the V8 Supercars you had no game promoting your series all of last year, and now none this year... so the license is just wasting away.

Unfortunately, Codemasters are the right people for the job... who else could do it as well?

Papacharinonanadan4190d ago

How come they've had no problem putting so many tracks and cars into the games in the past?

It all smells like a DLC rort to me!

SlappingOysters4190d ago

I reckon there will be a new V8 Supercars... eventually. It's a shame it has become deprioritised though.