Another Gamer Screwed by Microsoft

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved video games. This boy bought an Xbox 360. Two years later it broke. The boy had no choice but to send it in for repairs. It was then that Microsoft decided to screw him over. A very big bend on over so we can give you the royal treatment sort of screwing. This is his story.


Microsoft has responded to Nathaniel personally. They are looking into the issue and working to correct the situation.

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JVIDICAN4007d ago

ouch, thats gotta suck for the kid

sonarus4007d ago

awww poor guy. Thats gotta suck. I don't think i can blame msoft for this one. If they had said something like they wnt fix it cus the art work voids warranty that would have been BS. That was simply plain ignorance on the guy that worked on the unit or just some hater jealous he didnt have as nice a 360 lol.

Anyway the moral of the story is try not to build too much attachment to one particular 360 you never know when your going to have to send it to MS and they will wipe it down clean lol

Mr Seinfeld4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Now I'm not a man known for reading palms and predicting the future, but something tells me it wont be long until a PS3’s in this mans arms.

Daishi4007d ago

Why would he get a PS3 when so many in the 360 community have been so nice to him? But then again he could be the reason Bungie left...

ravinash4007d ago

The poor guy, thats really heart breaking.
What the hell must have been going through the engineers head when he thought it was a good idea to clean all this stuff off???

sonarus4006d ago

yea seems to be really close to the 360 community. doubt i'll see him trading in his 360 but how do we knw he dosent already have a ps3

gaffyh4006d ago

Sucks for him, but this isn't really Microsoft's fault, it's one of the retards working at the repairs center. Seriously those guys are stuypid, I'm pretty sure they don't check what you want fixed, they just always replace the motherboard.

When I sent my 360 for DVD Drive related problems, they sent it (after ~10 days) back and had replaced the motherboard. So I sent it back to them gain and they said they would do a "rapid repair", but it's been almost 3 weeks and I don't have my 360 back yet, so I don't know what "rapid" means in their dictionary.

Mr Seinfeld4006d ago

Well, if it turns out to be like me and my buddies you still have about 2 months to go... Sorry.

godofthunder104006d ago

this isn't microsoft's the worker whos job it was to clean the consoles and the people that blame microsoft for this is pathetic because they are just fanboys who blames every thing on microsoft,hell i'm waiting to read a sony fanboy post blameing microsoft for the attack on the twin's a time when you can't blame some one for something that happened no mater how much you hate them and this is one of them.
i never read a post where the same people that blame microsoft for everything,say or blame sony for their computers blowing up in people faces when they had bad batteries in it.they also blame micro for the defect rate in the 360 and call it trash because of it and i admit that it's high but it went way down and they are still talking about,but they don't remember or just don't want to talk about the ps 1 and 2 when they had high defected rate,hell the ps had a defected rate all most at %30 because it had abad drive in it and it would read can't read disc,hell some peopole ps drive posted can't read disc when they first bought it.unlike micro,sony tryed to deny it at first but they admitted it later on and they never gave extra warrinties out,the people that bought one and it went out 3 months after they had it had to buy another one,hell i went through 5 of then in less then a year and a half.i'm not saying that every one had a problem with their ps only about 30 out of a 100 did,i know it's wasn't as high as the 360 was a one time but it's high.
i'll admit that the ps3 is the most dependable game system every made because i'm not some childish fanboy but it took sony 3 generation of consoles to finaly get it right and they really did a good job on the ps3 because the few people that had problems with it is to few to mention.
what i'm trying to say is like it or not the ps3 and 360 are both damn good systems and they will both be around as long as people play video games.they both have good games and games that sux.i know that every one would like a certain game that's only on the other system to be on theirs but they are to childish to admit it,hell i wish that killzone 2 was on the 360 because it look like it would be a great game and i know a lot of ps3 fans would like gears of war on the ps3 because it's a great game.
fanboys want admit it but game developers already said that the ps3 does something beter then the 360 and vice versa.people should play and enjoy the system they have and stop acting childish and stop worring about the other system because it doesn't concern them.

Bubble Buddy4006d ago

This kid needs to do something about this. Make a big commotion or something.

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EZCheez4007d ago

That really hits below the belt, and this is definitely the fault of a single, specific a-hole that wanted to be a prick.

I just hope this guy gets some sort of reconciliation because having a 360 signed by some creators of Halo has to be worth something.

This guy deserves a 360 signed by the likes of Bill Gates himself.

Siesser4007d ago

Well said, I feel nothing horrible for this guy for having gone through all the avenues he thought possible and having this happen. I may not be a 360 owner, but even I jumped at getting the Rooster Teeth crew's siggies on CDs and a shirt when I was at Otakon, and treasure those items; I couldn't imagine having that awesome artwork, and on my console no less. I have no doubt that it was a hard decision for him to send it in, and can't imagine the dread as he sent it in, and the disappointment when his fears were validated.

I'd like to just be able to say someone was following procedures, yadda, yadda, but I can't. I don't care where I worked, how much I got paid, whatever, if I saw that kind of artistic effort come across my path and was told to clean the box, I'd at least try to confirm whether the original owner wanted it done. And my apologies ahead of time for any slanderous comments from the mouths of fellow PS3 owners and fans; we're not all like that.

Siesser4007d ago

nothing "BUT" horrible

Black_Jack4007d ago

man i wouldn't want an xbox signed by bill gates, rather some developers at bungie again, that speaks much more for me. rather have bill gates blood on it. but then id have vampires at my window worshipping my 360 as the devil.

ravinash4007d ago

MS should give him a new Elite Halo console that has been passed round Bungie Studios and sign by the same people before sending it back to him.
What they did took actual value off of the machine.

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Hapimeses4007d ago

That's really harsh. Poor chap. It seems Bungie are possibly sorting something for him, though; so that's something at least. Nevertheless, Microsoft deserve all the bad attention this story should bring.

If it were me, I'd be utterly gutted. Putting your trust, and your valuables, in a company's hands, only to have it spit in your face and gind your trust beneath its heel.

Not cool.

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ATLRoAcH4007d ago

I don't know why someone would do that.I don't think it was a mistake.