First Images Of EA's New Skateboard Game [Skate]

First Images Of EA's New Skateboard Game [Skate]

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bizzy126401d ago

the way ea been going with next gen i dont no about this one.dumb ai bland graphics stupid controls.ea dont care no more about the gaming world.ubi soft do

Deafman4206401d ago

nice game ideas...lousy online play....not worth $60 dollars to me

The Snake6401d ago

I'll keep buying Burnout and Command & Conquer games, and Army of Two looks promising, but yeah, EA blows.


EA make great games, i don't know what you are all talking about!


Skate playtests coming to PS5 and Xbox in 2024, EA confirms

The time to play the new Skate game on PS5 and Xbox is approaching, as Full Circle confirms console testing will be arriving next year.

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gold_drake117d ago

oh dear god, please let it be good.

Kosic116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

These guys are pretty cringe. Also the look of the new skate looks boring compared to games like Skater XL and Sessions. I'm not a fan of the arcade skate Sims


EA's new 'Skate' is a free-to-play live service game

It won't be pay-to-win and none of the map will be behind a paywall.

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willium425643d ago

Can you please share us an image depicting the issue?

boing1643d ago

I kind of like the idea of free, social skateboarding game in an open world.

sourOG643d ago

Lmao of course… that blows

Inverno643d ago

I mean it could work. They could easily sell branded cosmetics which could pull in quite a bit of money if done right, but I can't say I'm not a bit disappointed. I'll try it cause I really like the series, but it'll suck if this fails cause I really like the series lol

Kornholic643d ago

"If done right" lmao. The only way to do that right is to make them unlockable via in game progression.

Inverno643d ago

If done right they can do it like how Minecraft has done it for years and people don't have an issue with how MC does it. I wanna hate on EA just as much as the next guy, but I'll wait until after they ruin Skate to have a negative opinion on it.