Battlefield: Bad Company Explosive Buildings Gameplay

No shelter is safe haven in the midst of war.

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gameraxis4196d ago

The game is looking closer and closer to the final product each time i see a trailer / gameplay, so when WILL THEY FIX THE #$%^ screen tearing ???
The graphics actually look pretty decent. Yes there are game with better but this is a game i think is one of those games that u play for the gameplay let alone SOUND!! but that screen tearing will certainly spoil the experience in my opinion...

sak5004195d ago

I hope the tearing is cuz of the video being played from the pc rather than direct feed.

sak5004195d ago

Screen tearing is when you see some sort of wave of next frame running down vertically. For more info

heavyarms4196d ago

it's likes cod4 on crack!!! The game is looking sweet.

Skerj4196d ago

Holy [email protected] gun that destroyed the wall of that house at the end. Vehicles AND fully destructive environments? Count me in on that for real, Red Faction 3 is next.

Ali_The_Brit4196d ago

*drools* this could be the best multiplayer of the year

PMR_214195d ago

will be superior


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The story is too old to be commented.