IGN-Aliens Colonial Marines Review

If James Cameron ever built his own theme park, Aliens: Colonial Marines would be its haunted house. You’d visit it after you’d taken a spin on the Titanic Teacups and stopped in at the Termin-Eater burger stall for a bowl of greasy Schwarzenuggets, served to you by a guy who looked a lot like Edward Furlong because he was in fact the actual Edward Furlong. Hey, at least he’d be working.

Nimblest-Assassin3759d ago

If people have waited for a game for a long time... and gearbox is developing it.... abandon all hope

donman13758d ago

Damn... yet another Movie to video game epic fail.

Starfox173759d ago

WiiU version will get better reviews but not by much ?

RFornillos43758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

may not be that much, just because of the added gamepad features. hopefully Randy Pitchford's statement about the Wii U version being the best version would hold up to a 7 at least -- but with the 4.5 score, may just be a notch up to 5 or 6. we'll find out in March.

the good news for Wii U gamers is that with IGN's preview of Lego City Undercover, there's hope yet for another quality game coming March.

Nevers0ft3758d ago

This game was very much on my radar for the Wii U, but I think the best we can hope for is that it sucks less than the other versions :(

StreetsofRage3758d ago

How hard is it to make a good Aliens game? All I need is a bunch of long dark spooky hallways with my lil gizmo that beeps when an aliens are near and some bad ass weapons! Is it that hard?