Marcus Fenix talks Gears of War 2 - Confirms Brumaks, characters and more

As part of an interview with talented voice-actor John DiMaggio, voice of Futurama's Bender and Marcus Fenix in Gears of War, DiMaggio sheds some light on what to expect in Gears 2, including a fresh confrontation with a Brumak, new weapons and more. He was clearly excited to be a part of the sequel and was genuinely impressed by what he saw.

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ANoobsJourney4191d ago

This game is going to be great! Hopefully the Cole Train will be in this one!

okcomputer4191d ago

Wow, someone actually liked cole train? The guy was a walking stereotype. It was totally annoying at times. I just kept waiting for him to make a fried chicken reference.

ISay4191d ago

this guy gave more details than clify b and the boss man combined, hope he doesnt get in trouble

Silver Bull3t4191d ago

Yeah you're right... he should've had a British accent and spoken proper Queen's English. (eyeroll)

okcomputer4191d ago

Whatever, believe it or not, not every black guy talks like an extra from Good Times. You didn't see the asian character in gears ordering up pork fried rice, and dom didn't have some retarded thick mexican accent.

I really don't care that much either way, gears was still a great game and it didn't "offend" me or whatever that the one black guy just happened to talk like a complete ghetto moron. I just found the character stupid and annoying. Thats all.

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mintaro4191d ago

November cant come fast enough!

KILLERAPP4191d ago

This will be good I can only hope that it will be better than # 1.

InYourMom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

As Cliffy B. said on stage the first Gears was just a teaser for the full meal to come in Gears 2. I can't wait and after looking at the incredible advances in the UE engine it's looking very promising. The water alone was the best I've ever seen in any game ever. It will definately be in the running for GOTY I have a feeling.

Marcus: "Bring It!"

M337ING4191d ago

Have you seen a little game called Crysis?

The water in Gears 2 is NOTHING compared to that beast.

ISay4191d ago

you cant compare pc to 360 its not fair, for the 360 that was some bad ass water, but i will say tec demos are always exaggerated

InYourMom4191d ago

that will make you say Resistance Fall of What? Metal Gear Crotch Grab Solid who? LittleBigPedophile wha?

JVIDICAN4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

u cant be anymore of a fanboy than u just were...
u have good game coming dont get coky(lol) about it and diss other games- some wich will probally end up with a higher score than gears 2
p.s.- u never dissed mgs4 when u thought it was coming out for the 360 did u =P

cr33ping_death4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

i love GEARS and will be a day one purchase for me but, you got to be an idiot (or one sad fanboy) to think the games you mock will be anything less than awsome. go tell mommy and daddy to get you a PS3 and quit being so bitter.

InYourMom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Oh, how a taste of your own droid medicine is bitter isn't it??

Let's see if you play "comment police" in other threads where the 360 games are constantly mocked. My guess is you pressed "agree" on mail man's comment. You don't seem to have a problem with something like that which is actually in a 360 thread. You seem to pick and chose what you take offense too, ie anything anti-PS3.

If you read my comments you would know I own a PS3(40gig, upgraded to 250gig) so I am not easily swayed by the overhype zealots that try and make everything PS3 amazing. I see thru the BS first hand in my living room where I can switch back and forth from the 360 and PS3.

btw - I am just having a little fun. I do expect those to score well and have respect for all 3 of those developers. (added this after your post 1.6 you are right I would not be a fanboy enough to pass on a good game because it wasn't on PS3 or 360)

cr33ping_death4191d ago

hell i can switch back and forth between the PS3 and 360 aswell but at the moment my 360 is being repaired.... you for some reason feel so high and mighty that you feel you can rip on any game on a console that you dont like. now are you an idiot you just likes to mess with people online or an idiot who wasted 400$ on a console he truely hates? you are far worse than the mart atleast he has "some" logic in his rants unlike the childish sh!t you posted at the beggining of this thread. admit it you will love MGS4 you will try LITTLE BIG PLANET and you will try the next RESISTANCE. why you deny those games i have no idea. hopefully my refurb 360 can last me long enough to play GEARS 2 if not that atleast break down and i send it for reapirs again and get it before GEARS 2 comes out.

GETPWNED4191d ago

I think I like that more than my Kiddy Big World!!! I salute you!

poos34191d ago

hahahahhahahahahahahaha that was funny

HarryEtTubMan4190d ago

lMAO looking to crap over a game thats good but nothing OMGGGGG SPECIAL. Its a f'ing shooter. PS3 has MGS4. PERIOD. It will sale REALLY good and score better on game rankings. Plus everything else. Resistance 2 Killzone 2(which we know nothins about but is going to be AMAZING).

Gears 2 is one game. lmao.PS3 has about 10 BIG game coming. Gears 2 isnt even as anticipated as MGS4. Its number 1 or 2 on every list with GTA 4. LOLLOLOLOLOL.....THE TRUTH.

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