GeForce 9800GX2 price confirmed; $599

The information published by Nordic Hardware previously stated that the GeForce 9800GX2 would cost $599, but weren't able to confirm this before publishing. They've now have confirmation that this is the recommended price of the reference-clocked GeForce 9800GX2. Overclocked versions will most likely cost a bit more.

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xsteinbachx4188d ago

well since i have a PS3, and a PC.. i'll wait till these either come down in price... or i'll wait, and see how the 9800GTs are priced at.

theox2g74188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

First off, the price isn't gonna stay there forever, second off, it's a dual core card for enthusiasts who have the money to afford it's luxury not necessity, if u want to play ps3 exclusive games, ps3 is a necessity, even the ps3 got how many price cuts in such a short time, if u want to play pc games, these ridiculous cards are not necessities, lower end high performing 9800gt/s and 9600gt are considered to be the sweet spot for upgrading in the mainstream with the sub $300-$100 price ranges, these cards are for those rich spoiled graphic whores who want to run their triple monitor monstruous resolutions 5120x3120 with 24xQ Antialiasing, 16x Anistropic filtering and still pull off framerates in the hundreds, or even for benchmarking purposes of high end renderings

lol, i'll admit that u've crossed the line with ur comment there but i'll give u the benefit of the doubt cos it was quite funny, when will ppl ever learn that there are a million other purposes that high end pcs serve other than gaming and that ppl don't upgrade just because of being able to run games at top fidelity alone, some ppl actually the majority use their pcs for real work that earns them money such as video editing, cg rendering and other demanding pc tasks. The superior gaming experience is just an added bonus.
If so, I don't think nvidia cards would be flying off shelves like crackers if ppl just bought them because of games and games only, i mean 189 million GPUs, that's something, right? 8800gt's getting sold out here and there proving not everyone has that mentality that ppl just shell out to play one game alone, That $3000 old myth bullcrap just doesn't cut it anymore, the gamepad/hdtv thing too doesn't either, they can all be done, it's a matter of convenience, for some ppl it's even cheaper and more convenient to stick with upgrading their pcs and not getting consoles, some can't justify spending $400 for a box that can only game/watch movies, unless u have a decent laptop(which cost $$$$ so u shouldn't be complaining about cost in the first place), u still need a decent pc for stuff especially when u're still using mom's 6 year old dell that takes almost 40 minutes to boot up, a cost in necessity cannot be directly compared to a cost in luxury or desire, it is a very relative point

Bnet3434188d ago

You can also buy 600 cheeseburgers at McDonalds

theox2g74188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

who disagreed? give ur reasons please @ my post above, i know it was lengthy but please read through first before you disagree, i was merely pointing out facts that i noticed most ppl on here didn't know about pc hardware, it's been this way years, nothing has really changed, actually things have gotten cheaper than back in the day with voodoo cards and TNT2 cards,

I know for a fact that if i wrote up something like PS3 > all other pc hardware, i would get tons of agrees regardless of whether it was true or not but i've seen some very reasonable posts from ps3 supporters as well, so please don't rush to disagree when u don't feel ur console of choice isn't praised as it should, everything has its positives and negatives

funkeystu4188d ago

"You can also buy 600 cheeseburgers at McDonalds"
QFT - it's really a case of horses for courses, the PS3 is great in the living room, but some (not all) games really need a PC to do them justice. Also as the ox said PC's can do a whole lot more non-gaming stuff.

It should be noted that this is a top of the line card - much cheaper cards (such as an 8800GT or 9600GT) will still get you better graphics than most consoles, but this is really for the enthusiasts and people with money to burn.

Charlie26884188d ago

@theox2g7: Good to see someone who actually knows what the hell he is talking about and the disagrees? like I told you before people like to go around this site spitting BS and when are faced by people that tell them what (like you and funkeystu among others) is going on as usual they try to censor them with disagrees and hopefully they will go away so this BS spitters can resume the mindless bashing and desperate console of choice justification.

I mean just look in this site that is primarily Console centered almost every one that knows something about PC gaming is always bashed by the usual mindless assumptions and crap like the people that like to lurk around this PC gaming related article and for some reason I still wish to find out try to tell you what to do with your money like if you don't spend it in upgrading or whatever you feel like it they are going to get it or something or the other people that go around satanising PC gaming with BS like "ZOMG $5000 rig" or ZOMG I don't like PC gaming cuz of the BIOs" the even worse "you have to upgrade every month" and crap like that that shows that around 90% of the people bashing here PC gaming have NO clue (as confirmed in countless threads) of PC gaming in the first place.

Sadly this will never and as long as people in this site feel the desperate urge to justify there console purchase and reprehend you for actually having the budget to upgrade and liking PC gaming.

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gambare4188d ago

I can buy the MGS4 bundle and still have something for the god of war psp bundle

Fux4Bux4188d ago

Damn that's expensive. Guess I'm just gonna get a 9600GT or something and wait for the next series.

Jrome4188d ago

people are actually going to buy this? o.O My pockets would be crying

TheIneffableBob4188d ago

Cards like the 8800 Ultra and 9800GX2 are ultra-high-end cards. They're not meant for the average gamer or even hardcore gamers. They're meant for the ultimate hardware enthusiast who has a nice paying job and can afford nice things.

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