Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. Patent shows “Next Gen” Vita design

A new Sony patent filed shows what could be a new model of the PlayStation Vita.

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remanutd553642d ago

How about the ability to pause a game, start playing another one and then come back to the game you have paused? you know the psp go could do that right sony? isnt the psvita supposed to be a more powerful machine? so why cant we do that? thats one feature i miss from my psp go.

jujubee883642d ago

You want save states? That's so arbitrary. Well, I guess if you play p4tg or something where a savespot is not convenient...even than the games developer could add in a seperate autosave feature in the game.

remanutd553642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

No i mean i could be playing Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and a friend invites me to a Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed online race then i decide to join him right away but i dont want to quit Sly so i pause it and start playing with my friend Sonic online then after we finished i'd go back to Sly right away. you can do that on the psp GO.

jujubee883642d ago

Ah, I see. Something like that would probably need to be more seemless though bc the PSP go still required still going to a menu and loading up the save state.

It would be better if you just had that kind of save state turned into a savestate movie in the live area and you can select them that way.

remanutd553642d ago

uh? on the GO you just press the pause game and go back at it right away no menu loading up no nothing, you go back at your pause game right away.

NewMonday3641d ago


that will be great but will need more ram, and I want it on the PS4 as well, it is a standard on the PC and smartphones and suspect the 720 will do it with the 8gb of ram it packs, hope Sony don't get blindsided by this or it will become another "cross game voice chat" issue.

remanutd553641d ago

more RAM? lol the psp go had less RAM than the vita

morganfell3641d ago

"more RAM? lol the psp go had less RAM than the vita"

and not a tenth of the capability...

darthv723641d ago

had several qualities that i would like to see added to a revised Vita. such things as:
TV out
bluetooth controller connectivity
Internal storage.

granted the internal storage may be a bit of a stretch but the other two seem very plausible. Especially if you factor in the Vita and the front facing camera could allow for Move controllers to work for games that used the touch interface.

Ju3641d ago

On the Go? Are you kidding me? The only thing you can do on the Go is to pause ONE (!) game, as soon as you start the other one, it would terminate that incl. safe state.

Vita doesn't even need that. It's built in. Press the PS button and the game sleeps. Flip through app.

In fact, you'll get a notification in game for email and e.g. a Skype call. You can pause the game and pick up a call and jump right back into the game after the call. No data loss nothing.

Not sure what you guys are getting at.

Some apps run in parallel, obviously two games do not since they must allocate all possible memory.

A "safe" state would be nice, and in the reach of possibilities. But it's not like it does nothing at all...especially when compared to the PSP Go! which it succeeds by far.

3641d ago
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akaakaaka3641d ago

even the regular PSP could do that..
that's weird that the VITA can't..
idk why the disagree... why a PlayStation fan can't ask for better feature specially if they old gen brother had it?

Stay-Toasty3641d ago

i want it to be able to play all my downloadable psn games on my vita . that would be huge for me. i have like 400 games from psn and theres only like 5 that are compatible with my vita.

guitarse3641d ago

Hey look, someone actually DID buy the PSPGO! You are a rare breed my friend.

kneon3641d ago

I bought one as well when I found it on sale for $150, and that was long before it went out of production. I also have a Vita and I would have much preferred if the vita had the same slider design as the Go but with the bigger screen.

execution173641d ago

I bought one, its sitting not 2 feet away from me

ThanatosDMC3641d ago

I bought two. Black and white. It's great when it's modded to play all my UMD only games.

r213641d ago

The PSP Go could do that? O_O Why didnt this function get into the vita?

wolokowoh3641d ago

PSPGo was the final iteration of PSP and speed of the built in memory and other modifications to the hardware made it possible. Vita memory cards are much slower. The ones games come on are slightly faster but it doesn't make much of difference. Then, if you factor in the games are usually about 3 times the size of PSP games and much more demanding along with the the resources allocated to Vita OS, it's very difficult for Vita to run multiple games at once. It may be possible but much faster memory would be needed first though.

Ju3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

The PSP Go! cannot run multiple games. I don't know where this is coming from. It can "pause" them to go back to the XMB, but it cannot launch a second one without terminating the first - in which case all safe states are deleted.

I don't know where you guys take this information from. It simply isn't true.

In that sense, you can start the web browser and skype while a game is paused - but no app would run in the background on the PSP. It sure does on the Vita. Vita runs a game, Skype, email (notification) and the music player all at the same time; and party chat if you want). So, what's the problem again?

So, what's with these complains? Vita does all what the PSP did and more.

hot4play3641d ago

I love my PSP Go and my Vita like they're my children each with unique personalities. :p

kingmushroom3641d ago

damn you wanna murder ur battery life

kupomogli3641d ago

With as many checkpoints as there are on current games, it's a feature that would waste resources that would be better utilized elsewhere.

I'd rather not waste resources keeping another game I'm not playing open while I play something else.

CalvinKlein3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

is that 2 new ports on the bottom, is 25 an HDMI port?

If THis is true then its why I got the best buy warranty for 2 years lol. Ill be sure to wear my sticks out or the battery by then to exchange it for a new one.

DarkHeroZX3641d ago

I actually just mailed my vita in to radio-shack today. I was going to get the cheaper Wi-Fi model but 4g would make this thing an online beast. Hope we get better carriers that offer unlimited data plans lol.

andibandit3641d ago


how would 4G make it a beast, the only advantage is the range, where as your home wifi is much faster....did you mean "A Rubberbanding Beast", by any chance?.

pain777pas3641d ago

I am slightly annoyed because I will shell out for the HDMI slot. I hope they have some output solution for us early adopters even at 480p but I would like this functionality which could do alot for the device.

SilentNegotiator3641d ago

I just want a cheaper, smaller Vita.

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Soldierone3641d ago

I don't understand why it can't at least let apps do this.

On my phone I could have so many things open. Yet on Vita, if I want to go on Facebook I need to close my game or my other app. makes no sense, its just Facebook.... It gets annoying after a while.

I think a game going to another Vita game would be somewhat hard since the Vita titles ask for more. However switching between small PSN titles, PSP titles, Ps1 titles, and apps should all be rather easy. They should just have the "main game" be allowed to sit in the background, then let you also turn on 2 or 3 separate apps or "smaller" games at once.

ZoyosJD3641d ago

It does to some extent. If you jump between a game say Wipeout 2048 and the web browser you can do it without closing the game. We will probably get revisions with more ram that will be able to run multiple games and apps in parallel.

ziggurcat3641d ago

"No i mean i could be playing Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and a friend invites me to a Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed online race then i decide to join him right away but i dont want to quit Sly so i pause it and start playing with my friend Sonic online"

or you could just save your game, quit and launch the sonic game.

guitarded773641d ago

Go take a class on computer architecture and ask that question again.

On Topic: HDMI out would be awesome. If this is legit, at least 2nd gen Vitas will have more options instead of less. I'll sell mine on Craigslist to fund a new one with HDMI out.

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smashcrashbash3642d ago

Wow.If Sony reveals all this stuff and also gives the PS3 a price drop they will have a great year.A new console plus a price cut lift for the PS3 and the VITA plus a whole bunch of games? I am practically drooling *wipes keyboard off*

torchic3641d ago

€199/$199 PS3 will happen at E3. if you look up inevitability in the dictionary, it tells of Sony announcing a PS3 price cut at E3 2013.

I don't think Vita will get cut this year though, it could happen, it might not happen. don't think price of components/manufacturing drop that quickly

NBT913641d ago

I dunno dude, I think the Vita looks more expensive to produce than it actually is, just like many other mobile devices like iPhones and... iPhones.

Plus even if so, they could do with the extra sales in the meantime.

Ju3641d ago

I'd rather say, Vita yes, PS3 rather unlikely. Simply to not cannibalize PS4 sales. But it'll see a $199 eventually, yes.

Prodigy-X3642d ago

They could be introducing the 4G so their cloud gaming service can have better connection when playing on the go.

3641d ago
Kalowest3642d ago

WTF Sony, I just got my Vita last month now this!!!

oONinjavitiSOo3642d ago

Did you get it at best buy with an extended warranty? If your a smart consumer you know what I'm talking about ;D

Kalowest3641d ago

Well I really can't complain since it was a Christmas present. And no, I don't know where my GM got my Vita from.

SamPao3641d ago

so? I got my fatPS3 bout 5 days before the slim was announced. still happy :)

Good_Guy_Jamal3641d ago

The fat ps3 is better than the slim though. This new VITA comes packed with more features than the original. . .if true

Baylex3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Dpn't think this would be true... i'm guessing that is a dev kit for a 4g vita... it would be like a kick in the arse if the next vita would have hdmi output and the present one doesn't, it's only one year of life yet... and don't forget that vita has a connector that no one knows what's for... at least i don't

Plagasx3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Welcome to the world of Apple. Enjoy your stay.

bothebo3641d ago

Lol'd at this! Bubble Up!

j4re3641d ago

I should have known better. This is why I shouldn't buy first generation anything. I've had mine for 2 months. Suck

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LOL_WUT3642d ago

If this turns out to be the big announcement on Feb. the 20th then *SON I AM DISAPPOINT*

smashcrashbash3642d ago

Yeah I am sure. They invite their investors and press and stream it live to announce a VITA price cut.They could have done that on their blog or online and save themselves a lot of trouble.

irokster3642d ago

LOL dude you're gonna jynx it

fOrlOnhOpe573642d ago

sorry, couldn't resist. Sure hope Im not on the 20th lol