1UP Previews Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida

1UP writes: "If you grow weary of stereotypical Japanese RPG adventurers traipsing into dungeons to fight evil, Sony feels your pain. Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida (loosely interpreted as "the nerve of these heroes" or "don't be so bold just because you are heroes") allows you to punish stereotypical would-be JRPG adventurers by crafting a dungeon ecosystem of creatures that defend a Dracula-like devil.

Dungeon makers are hardly new territory, but this one is distinguished by its simple and unique approach -- digging with a pickaxe. In fact, moving the onscreen pickaxe cursor and pressing the square button to dig accomplishes nearly every necessary action in this game. At the most basic level you'll be digging passageways by destroying blocks of soil located horizontally or vertically from already dug spaces. But digging nutrient-rich or magic-rich soil (as opposed to plain soil) also births monsters. These monsters are the only line of defense against infiltrators that attempt to reach, tie up, and then drag the devil character out of the dungeon (if they succeed, it's game over)".

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