Official Metal Gear Solid 4 Wallpaper

Konami have now officially released a new Metal Gear Solid 4 wallpaper.

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Bonsai12144191d ago

is it me or is snake young and not sporting a mustache in that...

Counter_ACT4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

oh yeah!

Edit: Oh, actually I think it see it. It looks like a thin white line.

Lifendz4191d ago

Agree: I'm getting this as my theme ASAP, I'm buying the collectible MGS pack, AND I'm getting MGS4 on launch day.

Disagree: I really don't care about MGS4. Now pardon me as I go get on the phone with MS customer service.

meepmoopmeep4191d ago

this will be added to my PS3 background... somebody please make a theme!
( i would do it myself but i don't want to install windows on my mac)

Storm234191d ago

Using on my computer right now. June 12!

Skerj4191d ago

New PS3 wallpaper until the game releases or I find a better one.

mazirjones4191d ago

The seemingly random (for lack of a better word) particles where Snake's legs are are actually characters in the game. For example, I recognize one of the bosses (the Mantis I believe) positioned over the O in "Solid." Wonder if there are any other yet unreleased secrets hidden away in that mess.

MailMan4191d ago


Not only are they NEVER going to get MGS4,they wasted HOURS upon HOURS signing a WORTHLESS petition.I suppose,having NOTHING to play-LITERALLY,since their Xbox is at a REPAIR shop and their best friends are at Chuck e Cheese,is their justification for WASTING their time.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND.

AlterEgo4191d ago

LMFAOOOOO @ their link saying "Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of Liberty"


that alone shows they don't need to play it

InYourMom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Says the droid who is part of the army of droids who started the petition business on consoles. I seem to remember whiney droids like yourself who said "Capcom wahhhhhh don't betray your loyal fans and release DMC on the 360", which Capcom kindly replied "fvck you!"

You better hope that Sony locked this one down because once it's out you can bet MS has done some backroom talks with Konami and Kojima. There was an MGS game on the Xbox1 in the past(complete garbage) but it could happen again. When you have MS actually call out a game by name saying we would like that on our platform you know their money isn't far behind.

Now, I could care less if this game does come to the 360. I will rent it on my PS3 and if it doesn't live up to the "jesus christ" status the droids have raised it up to be I will be first in line to bash the hell out of it.

Now I will go play some DMC 4 on my 360 which is working just fine since launch. You can stay here bashing a console you don't own and worshiping your piece of black plastic and not the one you use on your arse.

Mail call!

cr33ping_death4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

say you do have a PS3....... regardless if the game is the best out this year, you will not give it the credit its due. you are such a fanboy your pride will be so hurt you wont ever like it....or you will and just wont admit it becuase it will make you look like an idiot. i was so convinced that i would never buy a MS console but EPIC made GEARS and now my 360 is away for repair so i can get back on GEARS and get ready for november. i sucked up my pride and bought a 360 because it had a game that i will never bring yourself to say that about a SONY game because you are either a little kid or really screwed up in the head that you cant tell what good games are anymore.

sorry to all that have to read my ramblings :) inyourmom get over yourself...... youre becoming a clone of the mart.....if your not him already.

InYourMom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

The Mart is my hero!!! haha nah..

The Mart is just a strong 360 supporter and no more annoying then a Mail Man or a Bill Gates or a DarkSniper, etc. Again, you seem to lean tword the PS3 and I understand you have a 360. I am the same way except I lean tword the 360 and I hate to see such a great console with great games get mindlessly bashed. Yes, the hardware is a turd, but I really do think the newer systems are more reliable and the future systems will not break with the RROD much at all.

If I had such a pride issue I would of never bought a PS3 in the first place. I just don't like the 360 to be bashed to lift up the PS3(so in turn I bash PS3 more because I'm a hypocrite like that). This is not the PS2 days anymore, Sony is not king anymore and I think that is hard for some people to take. But competition is good and I don't think we would be seeing Sony responding so well (price cuts, really pushing new features, PSN/HOME advances) if MS wasn't there. Not to say Sony wouldn't of improved things but it would of been at a much slower pace.

Heck Killzone 2 and now Gears 2 are my most anticipated titles of 08 so when it comes to the games I do love both system's. I really wish more people would both Jump In and Play Beyond so they could see that both system have their own strengths.

I tend to ramble as well so it's all good.

liquidsnake4191d ago

lol, I think InYourMom has been kidnapped by a Sony fanboy. Never thought I would live to see the day he wouldn't bash Sony/PS3

Anyways I can't wait much longer for this game.

This is tortureing.

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