GT TV Goes to Valve - Counter-Strike 2 Rumors Abound

A promotional video for an upcoming episode of GameTrailers TV seems to indicate they have some exclusive information about a possible Counter-Strike 2 in the works.

In addition, they'll have new footage of Left 4 Dead, a look at a new map for Team Fortress 2 (presumably it will be Goldrush), and an interview with Gabe Newell.

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SmokeyMcBear4192d ago

so we're doing commercials now?

xsteinbachx4192d ago

Tune in next time for more GT TV Ads.

mbmonk4191d ago

They are working on a version of Counter Strike but I don't think its a true sequel. From an interview with Gabe Newell:
Edge: What’s the timescale for this boom?
GN: We’re going to start seeing it now. We’re going to be releasing multicore versions of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat and Half-Life 2 after we ship The Orange Box