Interview: Trism, iPhone + Accelerometer, the Next Big Puzzle Game Wave?

People have been hacking the iPhone for a while to create games, even some that use the accelerometer for gameplay by calculating what direction you're tilting your hardware.

GameSetWatch got an email from Steve D. over at homebrew/semi-pro developer Demiforce, showcasing his new title designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch, Trism.

Trism uses the touchscreen to manipulate the triangles on the screen, but in a really smart twist, the blocks will fall down in a different way, depending on which direction you're tilting the phone, leading to some major strategic possibilities. In addition, the way you grab and manipulate the rows of triangles using touch along multiple independent axes is a really nice touch.

Checked out the YouTube video below, and see if you are blown away about the neatness and simplicity of Steve's new puzzle game like GameSetWatch was.

GameSetWatch also chatted with Steve via email to find out more about his history, why he made this, and what he's going to do from here.

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