PSN at Home Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2008

PSN At Home's Justin Edwards and SteveFrench9 have done it again with a Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2008. Check it out.

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wil4hire4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

It has exclusives that you need a PS3 to play. Not a PC.

Compare that to the 360's "amazing" PC60 Lineup.

MrTeenie4006d ago

It is not listed under PC...

HarryEtTubMan4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

FACT: PS3 OWNERS will be paying the best games of 2008.

Guess what else this means BOTS?? In 2009... you've still got Gran Turismo 5, 2 Final Fantasy games, 2 Rockstar Exclusives, Infamous, Heavy Rain and GOD OF WAR III to look forward to in 2009!!!! hahahaha PWNAGE on the way... (there are sooo many more coming this year and next we don't even know about yet... where's Afrika?)

games4fun4006d ago

two runner ups were Fallout 3, and Force Unleashed at number 8 they had the audacity to put haze their, then home was listed in the top ten they both should have been switched Fallout 3 and Force Unleashed deserve to be in place of home and haze

the rest of the list isnt that bad though

sonarus4006d ago

yea maybe fallout should have made it but home is actually pretty anticipated so i guess i can leave it. Haze shouldn't have been there. Some games can get away with delays and such but not others

Palodios4006d ago

I dunno. Haze definitely makes my top 5 for this year. Free Radical has yet to steer me wrong. The timesplitters series is incredible, and the fastest pace fps series out there, faster than Unreal. The founding members of FR were part of the team who made Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on the 64 afterall.

sonarus4006d ago

For those who don't want to watch the video which is really the best really. Commentary is pretty boring and the sound quality sucks. Sorry psnathome if you are offended maybe i am just used to seeing videos from ign and game trailers.

runner ups were: star wars force unleashed, army of two, Rainbow 6 vegas 2 and Fall out 3. (Decent runner ups imo except for farcry should have made the cut before battlefield and haze)
10.Farcry 2
08.Battlefield Bad Company
07.Gran Turismo 5
05.Killzone 2
03.Resistance 2
02.Little Big Planet
01.Metal Gear Solid 4 (Big suprise)

Pretty good list (better than the D pad one where magically every 360 exclusive made it in the cut lol) in my opinion except for the battle field and haze i would replace that with fallout 3 and probably white knight chronicles but hey thats my opinion

cmrbe4006d ago

MGS4 is number 1 i agree :)

MrTeenie4006d ago

Yes we know the sound quality of Stevefrench9 is real poor, he has gotten a new mic and our next Top 10 will be much better sounding. As for it being boring, any suggestions on how to improve it?

Panthers4005d ago

7/10 are PS3 exclusives eh. Sweet.

My number 1 is still Socom.

okcomputer4005d ago

Little big planet over resistance 2? meh..i don't think so

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cmrbe4006d ago

the vid takes ages to load. Haze actually looks like a pretty good game.I haven't really looked at it until now. Why is home on the list?. Its not really a game. I have a very bad feeling that Killzone2 will be delayed until next year.

MrTeenie4006d ago

I do not know why it'd take ages to load, it is hosted on gametrailers.

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