Is Nintendo Right to Exclude Voice and Text Chat in Mario Kart Wii?


"Yes, you are reading the title right. Nintendo has confirmed that while in online races on Mario Kart Wii, you will be unable to talk to your friends and opponents via text or voice. This will surely come as a blow to Nintendo fans, but did nintendo have a good reason behind this decision."

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gamesblow3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

I think so, yes... Does it suck? sure... but we have to understand the demograph of people playing on the wii. They're basically children. Children or the elderly...

They surly don't want to listen to some punk rant and rave racial slurs and how someone else is a homo. Nintendo is doing the right thing here at the end of the day. If you agree with it or not, it's not up to us.

ItsDubC3937d ago

Exactly, over 20 million of the world's children and elderly bought a game console...

gamesblow3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

You're missing the point behind my cyniscism, snork.

Parents bought their kids the wii... Parents might partake in this with their children. See how that works? How'd you like to here "You're a [email protected] or you're a no good (insert racial slur here) While you're playing Mario Kart with your mom and dad?

I don't care how old you are... It's not worth it. Nintendo did the right thing. You might hate it, but you're just 1 of those "oveR" 20 million wii owners, Timmy.

You're not the majority.

crck3937d ago

as the default. Then require a password to change it. I mean they already have friend codes as a protective measure. Why can't you talk to your friends while playing a game together? The way I see it is that its wrong to gimp your product on purpose.

ChickeyCantor3937d ago

freaking hell, is it MK week or something?
Its a freaking race game what the hell do you wanna discuss!

in the end " good game" is all there is !!!!!!!!!

Snipes203937d ago

People are screaming quietly through the internet at Nintendo. Nintendo loyalists are enraged. People who want good games no matter what system are slapping their foreheads. Wii haters are dissing Nintendo right and left. Casual gamers are still living happy lives without all the drama... ironic isn't it?

Wii haters, why hate? Do you have a quota of anti-Wii comments to make? No. Go play your favorite online-voice-chat-no-friend-co de-enabled games and leave Nintendo fans alone unless you have something useful to say.

Wii fanboys and people who endorse the Wii and some other system, be patient. It is so hard, but somehow Nintendo should get the message. Maybe through letters or poll results or floods of e-mails or through peaceful protests they will somehow receive the message. Hating them on the forums probably won't get it done, but it feels good to release your anger.

I'll be honest, I cringe every time I hear Nintendo execs talk about Wii's online features as it is because I know they don't care to change it at the moment and if they are planning something big, then they sure as heck won't tell us right away - it is Nintendo after all. I would love to have text chat, full blown text chat with no restrictions. I would love to see full voice chat even if it was for your friends only. I would love to see Wii menu profiles that at least tracked when your FRIENDS were online. How about online pictochat for Wii? It would be a "perfect fit". Is that too much to ask? How about instant messaging through the message board instead of 5-10 minute Wii-mail delays. I have a phone and a computer, but I am not going to use them while playing online so I can communicate with others. I could use my Xbox headset and connect to my friends there and then play the Wii games online, but guess what? IT IS TOO INCONVENIENT! The DS has ad hoc pictochat and online pictochat in at least one game. Why not the Wii? MPH, Pokemon, and AW: Day of Ruin all support voice chat. Why can't we do this on the Wii? EA seems to think it can do everything including making online for Wii work like other consoles. If they can force Nintendo to CHANGE their online direction then good for them. Maybe they can help Nintendo online and Nintendo can help them make quality games instead of creating studio monopolies. This is just one big frustrating mess that isn't helping anyone really.

Another small online detail that is attracting negative rumors: Pay to Play. Excuse me? Wasn't one of the goals to make Wii online gaming FREE? There is too little information for me to make a stand, but I hope Nintendo smooths this one out...

There is still one thing that is so ironic and seemingly unfair about this. Even through this negative talk about online issues, Nintendo still receives so much free online "advertisement" it makes me want to go punch something. Sometimes I think the online attention encourages them and some time I think they don't care and then there are a few times where some Nintendo developer or executive presents some small glimmer of hope for the future of their online gaming - and then it disappears.

I like the Wii. I like Nintendo. I also happen to dislike their online management. I like Xbox Live. I hate the misuse of Xbox Live. Someday, someone will make it work.

BrotherNick3936d ago

"How about online pictochat for Wii?" I can imagine the penis drawings now.

The_Kills3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

"was it right"

can that question be anymore reletive?

Big Jim3937d ago

I don't own a Wii and never will, but maybe this is a good thing. Once in a while it would be nice to play a game on-line and not have to listen to a bunch of foul-mouthed, racist idiot teenagers all the time. Maybe nintendo is on to something here. I'm tempted to buy a Wii now, after hearing this news.

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