ITmedia survey: 39 percent of gamers will buy a PS3 (Japan)

Good news for Sony, for recent polls in Japan are showing a rise in interest for the PLAYSTATION 3 console. According to a report released by ITmedia, the 39 percent of the gamers surveyed have said that they plan to buy a PLAYSTATION 3. The number follows closely behind the 40 percent who said that they will buy a Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 currently remains the underdog, with only 16 percent says that they would like to buy it.

The report follows a survey done by Japanese gaming magazine, Gamaga, in which 20 percent said that they will be buying a PLAYSTATION 3 and 60 percent said that they will buy a Nintendo Wii. However, even though Gamaga's survey is older, we should point out that their readership is far more gaming-focused than ITmedia.

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THAMMER15903d ago

That is a good way to look at it right now. But I see the 360 doing better after this holiday season. Most of the general public is about 2 months behind us early adopters and news hunters. Most people have no clue of the truth. But what will be better than having all three.

bullet5903d ago

I wonder if we go to war with Japan over their nuclear test if it will affect the sales of the ps3?

Dante15903d ago

I could understand if you were somehow involved with the pearl harbour incident or whatever, but for christ sake petty comments like that are pathetic, it's comments like that keep hatred alive in this world today, either that or you made a mistkake, am i right there?

D R Fz5903d ago

You are truly ignorant on world topics. The debate is over North Korea's position on nuclear tests. Not Japan because Japan is America's ally. Lol. But anyways, Ps3 will do well despite the region. I guarantee it.

CG5903d ago

I wish these idiots would stop with the whole poll & servey [email protected] and just wait until the ps3 is released before making judgment.

P.S @ bullet Its North Korea doing the nuclear testing NOT japan.

bullet5903d ago

First off I just heard the tail end of the news about it. And I got Japan mixed up with Korea. But thank you for being mature and calling me an idiot.I was simply asking if we have another war if anyone thinks it will have a affect on all console sales.Plus Iam kinda drunk and babbeling on;)

Ravenator5295903d ago

Dante is right! You are an idiot!

Not only because you are completely missinformed of world events, but the fact that you actually tying to link console sales to war.

Just stop. You really are making yourself look like a complete fool!

OutpostCommand5903d ago

Right...apparently Bullet, Ill have to boil it down for you.
If a country goes to war, it is very likely that console sales will be effected.
Infact, both countries at war are likely to get severely bombed, so I think anything powered by mains electricity will not do much, since its likely all main power stations will be offline.

No deliveries will be accepted from other countries than allies.
So you can forget a PS3 delivery.

Is that boiled down enough ?

Oh, and NK has secluded itself from all other countries, and what is happening down there is along the lines of what Germany was doing to its population in the late 1930s, however there are 2 differences...
1.The Nazis actually cared about their country and their people.
The government of NK does not.
2.NK is about 2-3x worse.

Daewoodrow5903d ago

assuming this poll has any amount of accuracy to it, this is good news for Sony. I guess the price drop paid off for them in their own territory. Which was probably the goal, they don't mind losing more money to save the embarassment of their own country rejecting the console.

Honestly though, i'm starting to doubt the relevance of Japan in the long run of this console war. They're basically the only country where the PS3 has been predicted to have good sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.