PS4 could have less 3rd party games than Xbox 720

It has recently been reported over by EDGE magazine that the next Xbox is rumored to block used games. When gamers purchase a game it will be tied down to just one system or user ID and can’t be resold. While this is anti-consumer, it may lead to Microsoft trumping the PS4 in the next generation.

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Darth Stewie3693d ago

WTF if the PS4 is supposedly going to be similar to 720 when it comes to developing games why wouldn't they make a PS4 version as well. It won't require as much work to make a game for both the PS4 & 720 like it did for PS3/360 so they will make more money if they develop for both.

-Falaut-3693d ago

Wow, already being trumped...and all this when all we're sitting on is an announcement for an announcement. Congratulations on your opinion piece, one of the more useless parts of the internet.

sway_z3693d ago

Nonsense....even piracy, let alone the 2nd hand market still allows these third party developers to make money..I never once heard of a developer shutting shop due to the piracy/second hand issue...most developers close because they're games are whack or simply due to poor business decisions.

refocusedman3693d ago

This article is pretty lame. I swear articles/opinion pieces like this makes N4G similar to the national enquirer. No facts just baseless poorly conntrived points.

sashimi3693d ago

I thought that is how gaming journalism works 90% of the time 7days a week

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The story is too old to be commented.