Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

Dealspwn writes: By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that Sony has a big reveal lined up for a PlayStation Meeting on February 20th. We don’t think Sony would have the nerve to announce anything other than their Next Generation console at the meeting. Next gen rumours are at their highest point and it’s about time we got some answers and not something like PS Move+.

So, assuming Sony don’t just show us a console shell on a podium before cheerily bidding us goodnight and promising a second date at E3, I think we’ll be shown a few more things on February 20th. Don’t forget we still have a big year of gaming ahead of us regardless of the PS4 and Sony will be keen to avoid accidentally killing off the market for the PS3 and Vita by announcing their new machine alone. Instead, I think they will want to strengthen their brand to ensure they move onto the next gen leaving the best final impression of this generation. But yes, we think they’re going to show us some jaw-dropping new stuff too....

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Qrphe2103d ago

"Sony released next month"

They'd be crazy to do that

BitbyDeath2103d ago

Agreed, earliest would likely be late May.
I'm still predicting September though.

WildArmed2103d ago

Yeah, don't see that happening. From a marketing stand point that would be horrible. They'll have product in the market with virtually no sign of it's existence.

Fall would be a great time if they do decide to do a launch this year. They can build up the hype and deliver. PS4 has just been rumors and such till now, it'd be too soon just to drop the product a month after they announce it.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2103d ago

When apple has a "conference" and the new product goes on sale a week later it puts up some better than average numbers. Lol.

An announcement and immediate release would be a knockout punch that nobody is expecting. While it is highly unlikely it would be covered as huge news in the tech industry and would be all over the place with free advertisement. This would be the type of thing sony could use to regain the foothold it once had.

This would be a huge blow to ms and Nintendo as the Wii u is getting battered by gamers and media and the next Xbox is not even being teased by ms. Again not likely but would be an interesting chess move if the systems were ready to move to stores.

dcbronco2103d ago

Why is it Apple can announce a new iPhone and release it within a week or two and sell millions, but gamers don't believe a console can be announced and launched within a few weeks and do the same. The same age group that buys all of those $500 dollar iPhones will buy those $400 consoles. Any time is a good time to launch a new console when it's been almost 8 years since the current generation started. There are millions of 18-38 year olds with $400 of disposable income. If there weren't we really would still have a bad economy.

nitrogav2103d ago

Dont stop at 38 year olds . I'm in my forties and still loving my 3 ps3's !! . The 20 th can't come soon enough .

dcbronco2103d ago

I was just using that key demo markets love. I'm in the same age boat with ya buddy. More than half way to another decade and looking forward to seeing what Sony has to say too. I hope it's about the system and specs. Or at least some gameplay.

blastcorp642102d ago

I don't think they'll do what sega did with the Saturn and try a surprise release

dcbronco2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Gaming is far bigger than back when Sega did it. When Sega did it, the market was kids depending on Mom an Dad to get them a console for the most part. Now it's adults that will get what they want. They will be making the decision between a new $500 phone and a $400 console. Or a $250 pair of shoes. Or sunglasses. Or something. Consoles are no longer a Holiday season only purchase.

Times have changed. Smart companies should recognize that. The ability to see things as they are and not as they have been is why some companies prosper but most just blow in the wind.

A company that launches early will have the market to themselves, the momentum and the buzz. People looking to buy one or the other will choose it. People who may have plained to buy the other might not be able to resist what the first has to offer. Everyone knows it will most likely happen this year. What difference does 4 or 5 month mean as long as you are logistically sound. It's a no-brainer to me.

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rainslacker2103d ago

Yeah, that went over horribly for Sega with the Saturn. Although for that scenario supply chains and retailers weren't informed or ready for the release. If the retailers are informed this time, we definitely would have seen some leaks somewhere.

These speculations are fun though. I often wonder how much of this same stuff is discussed pros and cons wise within the board room.

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Stedron2103d ago

I would get a Vita if they drop the price so I hope your right.

kneon2103d ago

It's already frequently on sale for $199 with a game included. I got the AC Liberation bundle at that price on the liberation launch day and I've seen similar bundles on sale about once a month since then.

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Stedron2103d ago

Well I never seen A bundle that cheap and I work at walmart :(. Not saying your wrong just never seen it trust me I would get one if it was that cheap. The AC bundle is $300+ on amazon at the moment.

kneon2103d ago

$300 seemed strange as the normal non-sale Vita bundle price is $250 so I checked out the Amazon bundle and you're right. I think reason it's priced so high is that Amazon isn't selling it directly. Maybe that bundle was a limited run.

rainslacker2103d ago

It was limited, not sure to how many units though, was probably quite a lot. I know GameStop still displays the boxes on the shelf for it at $249, but most in my area don't have it in stock, and it's not available online.

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BitbyDeath2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Sony was working on VR a few years ago, would blow everyone away if they actually got it working properly.

one2thr2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

As of now their really the kings of augmented reality, and 1:1 motion control within the gaming industry.

kneon2103d ago

Well they already have their 3D visor, if they can get the price down below $300 then it could take off. But as it's still around $1000 I don't see that happening for at least another year or two.

WooHooAlex2103d ago

Gentlemen, we are a mere 10 days away from our minds being blown.

NastyLeftHook02103d ago


PS4isKing_822103d ago

Sad thing is, the long, excruciating wait truly begins that day as well :(

*cries as that realization sets in*

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