Sony Missed the Perfect Chance for the PS4 at the Superbowl

The Superbowl could have propelled Sony’s mysterious console into the limelight.

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LOGICWINS3141d ago

They didn't have the money to make that big of an advertisement. It's 4 million for 30 seconds. Why spend that much when people will find out on their own throughout the year?

samoon3141d ago

They spent that much for the God of War Ascension TV spot. I don't see why not.

3141d ago
fluffydelusions3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

System is not coming out anytime soon so what's the point in the investment at this point in time? If it was coming out next month than OK I would get behind the idea. GoW is coming soon...PS4 not so much.

doctorstrange3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

The GOW ad was only for the online superbowl stream only, so it didn't cost $4mil per 30 secs (which would have added up to $16 million)


LOGICWINS3141d ago

That ad was online only.

Saigon3141d ago

its a double edge sword...

in my opinion, i think it was fine not to say anything about the PS4...they still need to sell the exclusives they have coming up especially since the system most likely wont be launched until the end of the year...

Now for the next Super Bowl...they need to do something...

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fluffydelusions3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Pretty much. Also, even if they did do the ad then what? There is no info about PS4 anywhere to be found so people will go see the ad than search online for it and come up with nothing but rumors and speculation articles. Buy hey there is always the grammys tonight :P

JoGam3141d ago

True, besides,If they don't announce PS4 on Feb 20th (Hopefully they do) then Sony didn't miss any opportunity. Its also safe to say MS could have used the Superbowl to announce the next Xbox also. Maybe that's wasn't the plan for either company after-all.

bicfitness3141d ago

More importantly, why advertise a product that - probably - won't be available till the fall? One that's getting its own press event in two weeks?

classic2003141d ago

Next year when its out would make better sense.

AngelicIceDiamond3141d ago

Plus to announce a PS4 would be too soon anyway. The 20th is when they'll allegedly announce their console.

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samoon3141d ago

I can just imagine an extremely well done superbowl ad for the PS4 having to do with the tagline "The big game" or "game day".

Man they could have dealt some serious blows by unveiling it there.

NYC_Gamer3141d ago

The price for SB ad space is real damn expensive

Cocozero3141d ago

Two reasons:

1. They couldn't afford it (has no one seen their financials).

2. It would be a waste of money, NA is Xbox country, when MS starts it 720 ad campaign most won't even be aware the PS4 exists.

3141d ago
fluffydelusions3141d ago

Yeah NA is xbox country but PS still sells very good here regardless and definitely worth fighting for.

MysticStrummer3141d ago

Sony could easily afford a superbowl commercial, but it wouldn't be smart spending since PS4 won't be out for awhile. lol @ "NA is Xbox country". The Superbowl is seen in many countries worldwide. You know... Earth... that place where PS3 sells better than 360? More people on the planet will know and care about PS4 than they will 720. Hell I'm in NA and I know many people who refuse to buy another MS console after replacing three or four of them. The RRoD Effect will stretch into next gen, no doubt.

SybaRat3141d ago

The blackout preempted it.

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The story is too old to be commented.