GoldenEye for Xbox 360 Cancelled ; The Real Reason Detailed

Last week, CVG reported that, GoldenEye would be making it to XBLA. However, an actual quote from the Magazine says otherwise about the real reason behind the cancellation of the title.

The magazine writes:
"This is no hoax. This is no fan-made ROM hack, PC Source mod or Photoshop fake. This is no joke, and contrary to the date on the cover, this is no April Fool either. This is the Nintendo 64's GoldenEye running on the Xbox 360, made by Rare, published by 007 license holders Activision and released over Live Arcade by Microsoft - and it's the best game you'll never play.

GoldenEye was set for release in the middle of this year, until it was cancelled late in 2007, apparently at the behest of Nintendo. As Oddjaw tells it, Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime was supposedly completely behind the idea, knowing well what the project would mean to gamers, especially when the deal was sweetened by Rare's offer to port the game to Wii, while making the rest of their back catalogue available on the Virtual Console.

The agreement between the parties allowed the game to be developed almost to completion before Nintendo's Japanese boss Satoru Iwata decided that under absolutely no circumstances would Nintendo allow the game to see release on another platform. While Ninty apparently have neither rights to the code nor any legal means to block the release, it's rumoured that the threat to Activision's relationship with Nintendo was enough for them to disband the project."

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decapitator4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Well you can't really blame Nintendo I guess. I mean, the game first appeared on their console and they were just not ready to let a competitor have one of their most acclaimed games.

*Sigh*, competition sucks sometimes. Hope we get to see the game re-released in the future on some sort of console though.

gamesR4fun4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

when I stick his wii so far up his beep that he chokes...

seriously this woulda been totally worth paying for live for a year cant believe what a dirty double crossing SOB Satoru Iwata is.

lessthanmarcus4195d ago

That game was great. Back in the 90s. Have you ever tried playing it now? I can't believe I use to like that.

SlippyMadFrog4195d ago

Just a note on the sideline, you don't need to pay Live subscription to buy Xbox Live Arcade games.

ZeroXMD4194d ago

Whoopedy freeking doo ppl. Yea, i'm kinda disappointed that it got canceled (honestly thought the remake was bs), but cry a freaking river and drown in it why don't ya? The game still EXISTS, you can play it no prob with an emulator or going to a used game store or ebay. Honestly, think about it if you guys were in Iwata's shoes before calling for his lynching over a REMAKE of a game.

You have all of a consoles fans saying that your console is killing their type of game (bs), dissing your fans and your console and calling you stupid, a company that bought a game studio that used to make games to you, the certain console having 300 million FPS games and then wanting to take one of your most successful games for your console (generation doesn't matter, it's still their console), which happens to be a FPS and remake it to put it onto their console (VC version regardless) which would sell probably better than it did the first time, but you wouldn't be seeing a dime of it.

Come on. it's business sense. It's taking one of their most successful games of a generation. That is like them making a game and giving it to them to make money off of. Plus, the fact that Nintendo stopped it MEANS that THEY DO have rights to the game, cause say all you want, it was still a N64 game. Franchise or not, that's like them giving Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64 to them.

Seriously ppl, quit calling for lynchings over a game you can play ANYTIME if you would actually go get it. Funny, with the amount of hype behind this and CoD4, it's pretty subtly evident how much Halo really ISN'T the king of shooters since their isn't a single post on this with someone saying "oh well, at least Halo is still here"

Exhaust4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

First they stab Sony in the back over with the SNES CD peripheral then they refused to bring another factory online to meet Wii demand now they put their foot down on this remake of Goldeneye? The Wii doesn't even compete with the 360. The Wii is two gamecubes taped together going after grandmas and grandpas. Not a HD system for hardcore gamers like the PS3 or 360.

I say MS get out of the deal with Activison somehow and publish it themselves. F Nintendo.

You Sony fanboys are just hating because its a game for the 360. If this game was remade for the PS3 you'd be drooling over it.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 4194d ago
Odion4195d ago

its from 2 generations ago it was one game, its not franchise, they don't own the developer anymore or the license its a prick move.

decapitator4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Thanks..I corrected myself...:)

Also I agree with you but then again, is Nintendo. If they can't have it, no one will.

cloud3604195d ago

The best game youll never play heh

That game is chrono ressurection

i dont know why am saying this i never even played a chrono game. but am just having thsi weird feeling since ther was so much talk about it as an excellent rpg series

HarryEtTubMan4195d ago

360 doesnt have crap coming except Gears 2.

InYourMom4195d ago

you are. This is bad news and the ugly side of gaming but that doesn't hold back the droids from taking a sh!t on an already bad situation.

If you really think Gears 2 is the only 360 game then you are a joke of a gamer and obviously can't read.

I can see why you have 1 bubble, I should of known better than to even click on your post since you are auto-ignored.

zane5474195d ago

Gears of War 2 is also coupled with a myriad of other exclusives, Fable 2, Alan Wake, Ninja Gaiden 2, All Points Bulletin amongst other big names. I think your knowledge is limited there.

Shadow Man4195d ago

lol no wander you have 1 bubble.

PS: bales verga puto

The Killer4194d ago

Fable 2 nothing is known about it yet, the first sucked, NG2 is like sigma 1.5, Alan Wake i have just heard of this game.

so the only guaranteed game is gears of war 2 that u got in 2008 so far, unless we see surprises on the games i mentioned or new IP's!!

bots, u r missing a lot this year, not just shooting games but racing,action,adventure,RPG and fighting!

zane5474194d ago

You never saw GDC, plenty is known about Fable 2 now aside from its release date and the PvP.

Alan Wake was announced couple years back but I'll concede not much is known about it right now.

Xbox360 has a few rpg's coming, Lost Odyssey just out, Tales of Vesperia, Fable 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant (albeit not an exclusive) possibly a sequel to Blue Dragon or Mass Effect.

The other genres it have plenty, though again I'll concede that not a lot of them are exclusives.

Xbots? Lol. Sorry, but I own a fair few consoles buddy. :p

BrianC62344194d ago

"This is bad news"

It sure is bad news, for Xbots. Now what will you play? Maybe Nintendo will let you have Wave Racer 64 or some other N64 game.

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