Nokia N-Gage boss: "We're not scared of the PlayStation phone..."

Nokia's head of games Jaakko Kaidesoja has addressed head-on the claims that Sony Ericsson's rumoured PlayStation phone is a threat to Nokia's relaunched N-Gage platform: "I'm not scared about anybody. The real question is how do they [Sony Ericsson] do it? Can they create a link between the PSP games and a phone? Can they do the multiplayer and online stuff? We've been doing this for two years and it hasn't been easy." EDIT - the image shows the new N-Gage platform running on the N81 phone - it IS a relevant image.

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decapitator4191d ago

Well thats good to hear. Hope they can introduce something better than the NGAGE, something so great that, it will push Sony to really innovate the next PSP.

pwnsause4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

big words from a company that has failed to capture such a market that is biased to other gaming companies, well good luck. I still believe that companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft and of Course Sony (who has a deal with Ericsson, yea Ericsson the mobile phone company) would easily 1up Nokia cause they have more experience in the gaming industry.

Ri0tSquad4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

This just made my day.

PSP Phone = End of the existance of N-Gage.

When the PSP phone gets announced Jaakko Kaidesoja is going to sh!t his pants, throw his N-Gage across the room, knock all his papers off his desk, and cry himself to sleep.

pwnsause4191d ago

well if I were sony, I wouldnt make a PS Phone, I would make the PSP2 instead with actual phone capability. that should be the next phase of the PSP and make it compete with the iphone.

wAtdaFck4191d ago

If they name it the PSP2, then the general perception from the non-gaming public would be, "Oh, its another gaming hand held." If it were named something that distances itself away from the gaming industry and more into the mobile industry, than I can see many people buying into it because its practically a Cell Phone with gaming capabilities, not a PSP with phone capabilities. And ofcourse the gaming public would have already known that its generally the next PSP. And for the non-gaming public, "Oh, a phone with gaming capabilities!"

PlayStation Portable 2 is cool, but PlayStation Phone (or PSPhone) would establish its two natures into the name.

LeonSKennedy4Life4191d ago

I wouldn't be scared either.

With the huge install-base of the original N-Gage...they're sure to push past the PSP and the DS within months...

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