360 deal of the year?

XBox 360 Premium with 3 games for $360 + $10 shipping = $370
Games include:

* Saint's Row
* Dead Rising
* Test drive Unlimited

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DC RID3R6201d ago

it don't get much better than that.


signal3606201d ago

I love how i get 2 lame votes even before it's published! Wow. You really think this deal is lame? Why not leave an actual comment telling why you think it is.

TheMART6201d ago

damn! that's 2 x 60 + 40 dollars in USA, that's 160 off in games on total price... DAMN get it. Now. Leave those locking up PS3's for what they are ;)

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bullet6201d ago

The only reason yoou think those games suck is because they are not on ps3....

Dead rising is a great game as is Saints row..Have you even played them??? If you actually gave them a chance Iam sure you would agree. But I guess Sony owns you and you would not be the great fanboy you are now if (god forbid) you play a game on a console that is not made by Sony.

Has any one tryed to buy this xbox 360 bundle?? I keep trying to buy some and it keeps saying "cart is empty" any help would be great..Thanks

Dante16201d ago

I have an Xbox 1 and i love my PS2 and Xbox, but i bloody will not stand back and let all these Xbugs bash the PS3 like this, what guys like Thammer 1 forget is it is the case all the MS fanboys started this bashing of the PS3, which is true and continue to do so; and when Ps3 fanboys bash back they twist it to make the PS3 fanboys look bad, but Thammer1 how can you say anyone is yet to prove the Mart wrong, how about this, The Mart bragging about how Assassins Creed is gonna have better AI on the Xbox 360, when the rumour was squashed and he was bragging about the rumour, but when it was said to be false he ran a mile and was no where to be seen, just like a c@ckroach.

Schmitty076201d ago

How you feel you must defend Sony with those huge paragraphs that no one reads.

TheMART6201d ago

Listen mate. You don't wanna know how Sony fanboys were rushing by the original XBOX and the 360 to bash on for nothing.

Actually I own a PS2. But I feel lied too many times by Sony about the emotion engine, the online great *ahum* possibilities and more. And I see them doing it again with the PS3.

And Assassins Creed AI wasn't me saying it was, it was the developer itself, then they said it would be the same. Just reacting on things.

So if in a reaction on my opinion, you are going to bash the 360, just do so. I see you're running out of bubbles every time you post so that won't last long then...

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