X-Play Review - FIFA Street 3

The FIFA Street series has taken a significant downturn with this third installment. Considering the disappointing NFL Tour, it's becoming increasingly obvious that EA has lost touch of what makes arcade-style sports games fun. While there are worse ways of spending your money than on FIFA Street 3, like treating six of your closest pals to see Hottie and the Nottie, the game would have been more suited as an Xbox Live Arcade title. As Kanye so eloquently says, you have to get "harder, better, faster, stronger." A sequel isn't supposed to be softer, poorer, slower, weaker, but that sadly sums up FIFA Street 3's questionable content.


• Appealing art style
• Over 250 athletes
• Four-player co-op support


• Sloppy defense
• Shockingly shallow game modes
• No create-player option

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