Tony Hawk's Project 8 demo coming soon

Activision updated the official THPS8 website. Not only does it feature a buttload of Flash animations to hog your system resources, it also has a button at the bottom stating that there's a demo available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo isn't available yet but it probably wont be long until it is.



i love skating/snowboarding games. I would have prefered amped 4, but hey, this is (Finally) a proper next gen skate game.


that said, i will have to try the demo to see if its much more than Tony Hawk + Nice Graphics...

DC RID3R6399d ago

but I am a fan of X games, so linking up with some skater dudes on LIVE is gonna be KILLA!!!

what do you say MART?

DEIx15x86398d ago

The X-Games are awesome, i wish they would add some more integration with the Tony Hawk franchise like they did with MTX MotoTrax or even see the company create the first good X-Games game.


It's A Crime That There's No Sleeping Dogs 2 Yet

Huzaifah from eXputer: "Sleeping Dogs from the early 2010s is one of the best open-world games out there but in dire need of a resurgence."

LG_Fox_Brazil22h ago

I agree, I consider the first one a cult classic already

isarai17h ago

You say "yet" as if it's even possible anymore. United Front Games is gone, along with anyone that made this game what it is

CrimsonWing693h ago

That’s what happens when games sell poorly. And I’ve seen people wonder why people cry when a game sells badly… this is your answer.

solideagle2h ago

Majority of the time it's true but if a company/publisher is big (in terms of money), they can take a hit or 2. e.g. I am not worried about Rebirth sales as Square will make Remake 3 anyway but if FF 17 doesn't sell then Square might need to look for alternative. <-- my humble opinion

Abnor_Mal2h ago

Doesn’t Microsoft own the IP now since they acquired Activision?

DaReapa38m ago

No. Square Enix owns the IP.

boing11h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Sleeping Dogs was a sleeper hit back then. It was fantastic. It actually still is. Would love a sequel to this, or at least a revive of True Crime series.


Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II - PC Wore it Better

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II was an intriguing and unique RTS title, that sadly suffered in its console port.

dadavis199214h ago

Was just thinking about this game and wishing I had a way to revisit it. The way EA scrubs these titles from existence once their licensing runs out is horrid.

Michiel19893h ago

there is a client made by modders and it also works online.

kevco332h ago

Indeed. The game can still be played online on PC.

Xbox 360 players, though? Bang outta luck.


Final Fantasy 12 Has The Worst Cid, Says Ben Starr

Clive actor Ben Starr plays kiss, marry, kill with Final Fantasy characters, and decides to off Cid from Final Fantasy 12.

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CrimsonWing691d 3h ago

I’d give it to 8, but whatevs.

mastershredder18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

Ew VO actors and their cringe core. Fiverr voice actors could out perform this chump.