Tony Hawk's Project 8 demo coming soon

Activision updated the official THPS8 website. Not only does it feature a buttload of Flash animations to hog your system resources, it also has a button at the bottom stating that there's a demo available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo isn't available yet but it probably wont be long until it is.

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i love skating/snowboarding games. I would have prefered amped 4, but hey, this is (Finally) a proper next gen skate game.


that said, i will have to try the demo to see if its much more than Tony Hawk + Nice Graphics...

DC RID3R4977d ago

but I am a fan of X games, so linking up with some skater dudes on LIVE is gonna be KILLA!!!

what do you say MART?

DEIx15x84976d ago

The X-Games are awesome, i wish they would add some more integration with the Tony Hawk franchise like they did with MTX MotoTrax or even see the company create the first good X-Games game.